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Award-winning stand-up comedian Mandy Knight is bringing her critically acclaimed solo Edinburgh Fringe show to Dubai on October 30.

The production, called ‘The Dark Knight’, is the comedian’s personal journey of discovery in the world of stand-up.

“It’s called ‘The Dark Knight’ because it’s an examination of how dark humour has always been my default setting when things have been tough,” said Knight in a statement. “My father was killed in a car crash when I was five and my alcoholic mother disappeared one day so, I was taken into a children’s home — but it’s not all been laughs. Some things in my life have been difficult. Things like having to cope with my mother-in-law living with us for seven weeks. (A woman who I wish would disappear).”

Knight will take to the Warehouse Four stage at 8pm with tickets priced at Dh95 and are available online. Strictly for 18 years and up.