Tovino Thomas
Tovino Thomas Image Credit: Instagram/TovinoThomas

Director Khalid Rahman’s recent Malayalam film, ‘Thallumaala’, featuring actor Tovino Thomas and Kalyani Priyadarshan in the lead, has gone on to emerge as the biggest hit in the actor’s career.

On Tuesday, sources said ‘Thallumaala’, which opened to rave reviews on August 12, had grossed approximately Rs310 million worldwide at the box-office. The impressive numbers make the film the biggest hit in Thomas’ career so far, the sources claimed.

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The film, an action comedy written by Muhsin Parari and Ashraf Hamza, also features Shine Tom Chacko in a pivotal role.

Actor Thomas had claimed that he was having a blast while filming the movie.

Taking to Instagram to share his experience of playing Wazim, his character in the film, Thomas said: “While I truly enjoy getting into characters that demand a very poised, graceful and sometimes even gritty body language, there is something extremely liberating about doing movies where you get to go all out and just have a lot of fun. Wazim is all that and so much more!”

“I remember thinking years back that there are a few things I just can’t see myself doing but, when a character demands it, like in this one, you step up and show up! Specially when you have a rock solid team backing you up and giving you confidence to explore and grow as an artist.”