Quinn Vibin and Mamta Mohandas
Quinn Vibin and Mamta Mohandas Image Credit: Supplied

Prasanth Murali Padmanabhan returns with his sophomore film titled ‘Lalbagh’.

The trailer suggests an investigative thriller and features Mamta Mohandas.

When someone is found dead after a birthday party in Bengaluru, the question is — is it a murder or a suicide?

“Lalbagh’ is centred around a murder, but it encompasses a family drama while exploring man-woman relationships,” said Padmanabhan.

Mohandas plays Sarah, a nurse working in Bengaluru and mother to a little girl. How this ordinary woman handles an extraordinary situation forms the rest of the story.

‘Lalbagh’ is produced by Raj Zachariah. The supporting cast includes Sijoy Verghese, VK Prakash, Rahul Madhav, Neha Saxena and Nandini Rai.