Back on top

Marian Rivera has proved why she is truly the Queen of Primetime TV. Her current series, Temptation of Wife, has zoomed to the top of the ratings. Although the show’s initial episodes could only muster a top three standing, its fortunes changed when Rivera’s character returned with a new, feisty identity. With a new Rivera playing the more sophisticated and cunning Chantal out to revenge her misfortunes, the show is now the most watched primetime programme in Mega Manila, according to AGB Nielsen. Rivera is thankful that her new series has come out on top, saying she was under pressure to maintain her track record of consistently having shows that top the ratings game in the highly coveted primetime block.


Yasmien Kurdi’s surprise

She used to be one of the busiest actresses in the business, but Yasmien Kurdi has not been heard of since last year. Last week she surprised her fans when she announced she recently married and is now a doting mother. Kurdi revealed she married a flight attendant, Roy Soldevilla, Jr, and has now completed her university studies, graduating with a degree in nursing. The actress says she still wants to be back in show business but emphasised that her priority now is her family. Kurdi also confirmed rumours that her mother was against her marriage, and it was her Lebanese father who signed papers allowing her to marry.


Career in Indonesia

Singer-actor Sam Concepcion is going to try his luck in Indonesia. Although he has a flourishing career in Manila, Concepcion said he wants to expand his horizons and would like to emulate the success of Christian Bautista, who is considered a pop icon in the Southeast Asian country. Concepcion also clarified that he will still be doing projects in the Philippines, and has in fact an album set for release this year. A movie project is also in the works which he hopes will start production in the first quarter of 2013, before he goes to Indonesia to explore his options.


New Comedy King?

Singer-comic Vice Ganda has denied claims by some that he is the Philippine’s next Comedy King after Dolphy (Rodolfo Quizon) who died last year. Ganda says there can only be one Dolphy, and he has yet to accomplish a fraction of what Dolphy achieved in his long, triumphant career. Ganda, likewise, thanked his supporters who watched his latest movie, Sisterakas, with Kris Aquino and Ai Ai delas Alas. The film as of last week has already been declared the second highest grossing Filipino movie of all time, with almost Dh30 million in ticket receipts. The highest grossing film is still Ganda’s Praybeyt Benjamin which was shown last year and grossed Dh37 million at the box office.