Shaista Lodhi and Fahad Mustafa greet each other in JEETO PAKISTAN-1587969662758
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Actor Fahad Mustafa, who has created a huge fan base also as the host of ARY’s popular game show, ‘Jeeto Pakistan’, is back on television with a fresh edition of the show.

Cricketer Sarfraz Ahmad in JEETO PAKISTAN-1587969659536

There’s a twist: ‘Jeeto…’ has been reformatted to become social-distancing friendly.

For one thing, there is no audience physically present inside the studio; it’s just Mustafa, his five celebrity captains — Humayun Saeed, Sana Javed, Adnan Siddiqi, Shaista Lodhi, and cricketer Sarfraz Ahmed — and a couple of assistants to be seen.

Humayun Saeed in JEETO PAKISTAN-1587969657974

Each captain represents a metropolitan city of Pakistan — Saeed represents Karachi Lions; Javed, Islamabad Dragons; Siddiqui, Lahore Falcons; Lodhi, Peshawar Stallions; and Ahmed, Quetta Knights. The viewers in these five cities who watch the show live on the internet will get to participate right from the safety of their homes.

Adnan Siddiqui in JEETO PAKISTAN-1587969656221

Secondly, no one on the show gives each other a hug or a handshake, or even a high-five. When host Mustafa invites his captains, they greet each other with elbow bumps or by hitting one another’s feet. There are hand sanitisers placed on the side tables of each captain. The assistants are armed with masks and gloves also.