Ed Sheeran
Image Credit: insta/teddysphotos

Singer Ed Sheeran is planning to be buried in a “hole in the ground” on his estate and has created a chapel to remember his friends who died without a will.

The 32-year-old pop megastar dismissed rumours that he has built a “crypt” on his estate and explained it is actually a chapel and he wanted a place to mourn friends who passed away without a will.

He told GQ Hype: “I wouldn’t say it’s a crypt. It’s a hole that’s dug in the ground with a bit of stone over it, so whenever the day comes and I pass away, I get to go in there. People think it’s really weird and really morbid, but I’ve had friends die without wills, and no one knows what to do.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Bad Habits’ hitmaker recently released his newest album ‘Autumn Variations’, a seasonal collection of 14 songs based on 14 loved ones but doesn’t want fans to mistakenly think that it is his next big record, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

The singer said: “I don’t want people mistaking that it is. I don’t want people thinking this is my next pop blockbuster and I’m gonna tour this in the stadiums and stuff. It very much is an album about autumn that I wanted to put out there. And I know in 20 years’ time, it’s gonna be a fan favourite, but at the moment nobody really knows what it is.”

The singer-songwriter has often used his personal life for inspiration for his music, but admitted that releasing ‘The Man’ in 2014 was a mistake, even though he needed to write it to overcome heartbreak.

He said: “It felt super uncomfortable at the time, writing it, and everyone I played it to reacted in an uncomfortable way, which I thought was a good thing, and I put it out. The album probably didn’t need that song. I probably needed to write it, but I didn’t need to release it.”