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TVXQ’s Changmin will tie the knot on September 15, SM Entertainment confirmed on Friday.

The veteran K-Pop singer announced the news of his upcoming marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend in a handwritten letter to fans via his agency’s fan community Lysn.

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He expressed his gratitude towards bandmate Yunho and his agency’s staff and thanked his devoted fans for their support.

Last year, Changmin — whose real name is Choi Chang-min — publicly announced that he was in a relationship for the first time throughout his 17-year career.

In respect to his fiancee and both families, details of their autumn wedding will not be disclosed publicly.

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Following his wedding, SM Entertainment assured fans that Changmin will still continue his musical activities as an artist and member of TVXQ.

Changmin, also known as Max Changmin, rose to fame across Asia following his debut in 2003 as the youngest member of TVXQ, which was originally a quintet act but was regrouped into a duo in 2010. The other three members — Junsu, Yuchun and Jaejoong — left due to a contract dispute with the K-Pop conglomerate.

The multifaceted artist dropped his first solo EP, ‘Chocolate’ On April 6. Following its release, he performed on stage alongside Yunho in SM Entertainment’s latest ‘Beyond Live’ virtual online concert.