AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman on being a niqabi singer
AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman on being a niqabi singer Image Credit: Supplied photo

Chennai: Khatija Rahman, the daughter of A.R.Rahman, has penned an inspiring post on the occasion of her music video 'Farishton' completing two years.

Taking to Instagram, Khatija expressed in a lengthy post: "Grateful! It has been exactly two years since 'Farishton' and 'Farishtha' released."

"When I started this journey, I had many questions. Will I be able to fit into the industry not wanting to follow trends or adhere to a certain piece of clothing?

"Will people accept me the way I am and look beyond the piece of clothing I wear?

"Will I be able to still make music beyond one minute and still capture your attention?

"But your unconditional love and support along with God's grace has given me answers to all my questions. The answer to all the above questions is yes.

"This day is so special and I'm only filled with more inspiration to create more art for all of you. It took a year for us to reach a million views on 'Farishton' and we are still counting.

"We just wanted to create art through a simple experiment during the lockdown. But who knew our art would be recognised globally. We didn't want to fit in and we created a safe world where diversity is embraced and we welcomed you all into it."

"All I can say is this is just the beginning and wouldna¿t have been possible without your love and support for sure. A piece of art made with just pure love, passion, hard work and we sailed through the lockdown period with the making of this piece. Acknowledging my gurus A. R. Rahman, Nirbhay Saxena, Mira Sengupta, Lavita Lobo, and Ritnika Nayaneveryone from the media who supported us."

"Thank you to @mrichiesj for sincerely applying to all the festivals. Feeling motivated and touched. Stay tuned for more. See you all soon with some interesting news. God willing."