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While fans may have to wait a little longer before they can visit the not-so-sleepy town of Hawkins again — thanks to the coronavirus pandemic — ‘Stranger Things’ creators have given us a much-needed update on the production and a surprise confirmation.

According to Matt and Ross Duffer, season four won’t be the last season in the much-loved, Netflix sci-fi show. “Season four won’t be the end,” Ross said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “We know what the end is, and we know when it is. [The pandemic] has given us time to look ahead, figure out what is best for the show. Starting to fill that out gave us a better idea of how long we need to tell that story.”

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But what’s happening with season four? Filming on season four had begun in Atlanta before it was abruptly shut down due to the coronavirus. But fret not, all that time in quarantine helped the creators map out what they want to do with the rest of the series. “We’ve had a lot more time to work on the scripts,” said Matt. “For the first time, we have all the scripts written and we’re able to look at it as a whole piece and make adjustments.”

While details about season four are still under wraps, we know a little bit about what we can expect from David Harbour, who plays Chief of Police Jim Hopper and Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) adoptive father in the series.

In an interview with Deadline in June, Harbour said that “Hopper is the American in that Russian prison”. “To me, what happens in this season — first of all it’s very epic and very big in a ‘Stranger Things’ way,” he said.

“There’s monsters, there’s horrors, there’s scares, there’s also like great Indiana Jones-type action, but also we get to see some of Hopper’s really deep back story that we’ve hinted at with the boxes in season two, and I’m really excited to let people see these really deep colours in him,” he added. “Each season we see a different side of him, and last season he was sort of wacky ... now I think he’s painted in a bit of a darker palette and he’s able to express some of these really deep things in him, which we haven’t really known yet. It’s been hinted at, but we don’t really know.”