Mia Goth
Mia Goth Image Credit: Instagram/miagoth0

British actress Mia Goth is being sued for allegedly kicking a background actor in the head. The 30-year-old actress has been accused of battery following an alleged incident on the set of ‘MaXXXine’ in which she plays the title role of Maxine.

It has been claimed that the actress deliberately lashed out at James Hunter after he complained about almost being stepped on, reports Female First UK.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles, obtained by E! news, Hunter explained he was hired to play ‘Dead Parishioner’ for a scene where he was made to lie down in the dirt and play dead while Mia was asked to “step over him, look down at him, and continue to run” past him.

But the actor alleged that around the fourth take of the scene, the actress almost stood on him, and she was “warned to be careful regarding how she stepped” after he told second assistant director John Hall about what had happened.

However, according to the lawsuit, in the next take, Mia “intentionally kicked” him in the head with her boot, which caused him to “immediately experience headache and stiffness in his neck.”

As per Female First UK, James reported his injury to John, who told Mia and director Ti West what had happened, but he received no medical assistance.

He claimed Mia later invaded his privacy in a bathroom, where she allegedly laughed, mocked, taunted and belittled him and “dared” him to” do anything about it.”

The background actor claimed he was then told the following day he received an email and phone call from the casting company telling him he had been taken off the production for the final two days of filming in April 2023 and banned from set with “no reason” given.