Julia Roberts
Image Credit: insta/ juliaroberts

Actress Julia Roberts almost passed playing the role of famous actress Anna Scott in the 1999 classic 'Notting Hill'.

In a new interview with British Vogue and conducted by Notting Hill screenwriter and Roberts' friend of 25 years, Richard Curtis, the 56-year-old actress expressed that she hesitated taking on the role opposite Hugh Grant.

The topic came up when Roberts shared that she still envies people she works with who "are very technical" in their craft as actors, reports etonline.com.

She added that she finds it "really fascinating, and I envy it so much" because "there's so many different ways to approach" a role.

Curtis then says that technique can sometimes get in the way of an actor, where as with Roberts she's giving more of her authentic self, as in she brings more of herself and less craft. She shared that she thinks "it's dangerous to overanalyze these things" but admits, "I never feel like I'm playing myself."

And therein lies the issue with Notting Hill, in which she portrays a famous actress. "One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was your movie (Notting Hill, 1999), playing a movie actress," she said.

"I was so uncomfortable! I mean, we've talked about this so many times, but I almost didn't take the part because it just seemed -- oh, it just seemed so awkward. I didn't even know how to play that person."