Laughs, giggles and the murmurs of teen girls filled the Shaikh Rashid Auditorium at the Indian High School in Dubai on Thursday night, until the presenter announced: “Dubai, are you ready?” The screams in response were ear-deafening.

The hotly anticipated Daniel Padilla and Yeng Constantino concert brought together hundreds of mostly Filipino teenagers in an atmosphere so casual that it looked as if a huge family had come together for a gig.

Constantino set the mood for more than half an hour with some flawless English covers (David Guetta-Sia Fuller hit Titanium; Rihanna’s Diamonds; Pink’s Just Give Me A Reason; Without You from Mariah Carey) and Tagalog songs. The singer and the crowd interacted like old friends, with Constantino jumping down the stage, thrilling her fans.

Organisers urged her to climb back up, and she reluctantly agreed. Halfway through the show, she sat on the edge of the stage where she pulled up some audience members, saying: “Bata pa lang eto [they are just kids]” and sang her signature song, Hawak Kamay (Holding Hands) along with her fans.

After thanking the public, Constantino made way for the man of the moment, Padilla.

Dressed in jeans, a white shirt and jacket, Padilla was received with louder screams. Confident and sporting his infectious smile, he greeted his “kabayans” (people coming from the same country), speaking only in Tagalog. Starting his performance with Ako’y Sayo at ika’y akin Lamang (I’m yours and you are mine), Padilla followed it with Growing old with you. The young star also performed Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat and his much-celebrated single Prinsesa.

After half an hour, Constantino joined Padilla for Naaalala, when she excitedly threw his jacket to the frenzied crowd. Both singers thanked the public for their love, but Constantino was not ready to go as yet.

“Isa pa Daniel? Isa pa [once more],” she asked. The young star agreed with a laugh and ended the concert singing the Tagalog classic for friends, Salamat (The Dawn).

Even though Padilla skipped performing to I Heart you from his album, to be released on Monday, his fans were happy and chased the singers for autographs. The stars were in a hurry to catch a flight to London. They left behind giggles, laughs and happy Pinoy fans screaming “I Love you Daniel”, “I Love you Yeng” across Oud Metha.