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Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmed with their newborn. Image Credit: Instagram/reallyswara

Swara Bhasker and her husband, Fahad Ahmed, took to social media to announce the birth of their daughter whom they have named Raabiyaa. Bhasker and Ahmed tied the knot in January this year.

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Fahad Ahmed with the baby. Image Credit: Instagram/reallyswara

Posting on Instagram, Bhasker wrote: “A prayer heard, a blessing granted, a song whispered, a mystic truth… Our baby girl Raabiyaa was born on 23rd September 2023 ♥️♥️♥️ With grateful and happy hearts, thank you for your love! It’s a whole new world.”

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The couple has named the baby Raabiyaa. Image Credit: Instagram/reallyswara

One picture shows the baby sleeping on Bhasker on her hospital bed, while another shows Ahmad cradling the baby. A couple of other pictures show the proud parents gazing lovingly at the new addition to their family.

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The baby was born on Sept. 23. Image Credit: Instagram/reallyswara

Last week, Bhasker had posted about her surprise baby shower: “I love surprises! Last week, one of my oldest friends @samar_narayen & the amazing @laks7 and Fahad gave me the sweetest surprise in the form a baby shower that they managed to plan and execute without me getting even a whiff of it! I was sooooo clueless I arrived in pajamas!”