Hansika Motwani in Dubai
Hansika Motwani in Dubai Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Indian actress Hansika Motwani broker her silence on the allegations that she broke her husband Sohael Khaturiya’s first marriage.

In the first episode of the reality show ‘Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama’, the actress who has starred in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films widely, said: “It’s the price for being a celebrity.”

Motwani and Khaturiya tied the knot in December last year. Soon it came to light that Sohael was previously married to Motwani’s friend Rinky and the actress had attended their wedding. Motwani was widely accused of “stealing” her friend’s husband.

“Just because I knew the person at that time doesn’t mean it was my fault. I have nothing to do with this,” she said. “Because I’m a public figure, it was very easy for people to point at me and make me the villain...”

Khaturiya, too, defended Motwani.

“The news that I was previously married came out and it came out in a wrong light,” he said. “It came out as if the breakup was because of Hansika, which is absolutely untrue and baseless.”

“I was first married in 2014 and that marriage lasted for a very short time,” Khaturiya said. “But just because we have been friends and someone saw pictures of her attending my wedding, is why this speculation started.”