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Just like John Abraham’s taut torso with no visible flab, his latest sci-fi action thriller ‘Attack’ hurtles at a rapid pace and leaves no room for unnecessary frills.

While you are thankful to the makers for not dragging the story forward senselessly, you can’t discount the danger of it leaving you unmoved since it’s all happening so rapidly. What we feared happened. While the tale of a fierce soldier was snappy, it wasn’t always riveting.

Abraham plays an on-point army man who is highly trained to decimate his enemies. The opening scene of him and his band of men capturing a terrorist in his own turf is well-executed. It sets the pace of this action-thriller. The economy in emotions and actions was there to see and it worked. But then the film cuts into showing us Arjun’s personal and romantic life. His encounter with a pretty and cheerful air hostess Ayesha (Bollywood’s go-to girl for sunshine roles Jacqueline Fernandez) seemed contrived and forced. But before you could dwell on it, a tragic twist launches the film into a Robocop-mode.

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A terrorist attack leaves Abraham’s character incapacitated and paralysed from the neck down. His career and life is shattered as he licks his wounds in private. But he gets a new lease of life when his boss — played by Prakash Raj — enrols him into a robotic soldier programme.

Apparently, he was chosen because he had so little to lose in life that he wouldn’t shirk from undergoing a surgery where he had 20 per cent chance of survival. But it’s our hunky Abraham and even when things gets complicated during that surgery for inserting chips, he’s a trooper. His interactions with the robotic IRA are funny in parts, and their banter is thoroughly enjoyable.

Rakul Preet Singh as the scientist who spearheads this robotic discovery that’s likely to transform differently-abled lives is serviceable in her part. The film then hurtles into an action mode when armed terrorists ambush the Indian parliament and take the Prime Minister and others hostage. Enters the new snazzy Arjun who begins firing from all cylinders. If you are willing to suspend belief and logic, then you are likely to enjoy this film. And your degree of joy also depends heavily on how much enjoy Abraham’s dishy looks and well-toned physique. It’s Abraham’s show all the way and fortunately his lack of emotions on his face was justified since he plays a hardened and stoic soldier.

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Actor Elham Ehasas who played the extremist was effective in his role as a cold-blooded and calculating terrorist. Actor Rajat Kapoor as a manipulative politician has some wicked scenes.

Veterans like Prakash Raj and Ratna Pathak Shah do their bit, but don’t have much muscles to flex in terms of depth of character. While the cast is solid, it’s the improbability of the plot twists and the story that make this film less appealing. Abraham, who’s also the producer of the film, is given ample space to shine in the stunt scenes, but it gets tiring after a while.

Watch this film if you are a die-hard fan of Abraham and love his persona.

Out now

'Attack' is out now in UAE cinemas.


Film: ‘Attack (Part 1)’

Cast: John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Prakash Raj

Director: Lakshya Raj Anand

Stars: 2.5 out of 5