Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor Image Credit: Twitter

Actor Arjun Kapoor has finally taken his cap off. The actor had been hiding his hairdo for the past nine months to keep his look in the upcoming period drama ‘Panipat’ a secret.

Kapoor shared a stop motion video to flaunt his short-cropped hair on Instagram.

The 34-year-old actor also shared a short video clip on Instagram.

“Hey, guys. I am finally ready to get rid of my caps. I know a lot of people have seen me wearing caps and wondering why I have been doing that for the last six months. ‘Maine apne baal mundwaye they ‘Panipat’ ke liye on November 16, 2018 [I had gone bald for ‘Panipat’ on November 16, 2018]. Now, it’s the end of July. The film is done and I can finally get rid of my cap.”

“The look is safeguarded because we managed to protect it for so many months. Thank you for being patient,” he added.