Astro’s Sanha to be cast in a new period film
Astro’s Sanha to be cast in a new period film Image Credit: Twitter/

K-pop band Astro’s maknae (youngest member) Sanha will be joining South Korean actors Kim Kang-min and Baek Sung-hyun in a new period film Suunjapbang.

This week, the team behind the movie unveiled the main cast lineup.

The film tells the story of nobleman Kim Yu, a real person in the Joseon Dynasty, who wrote a historic recipe book titled ‘Suunjapbang’.

According to an article on the South Korean entertainment website “Suunjapbang, which is the core subject of the film, is a traditional recipe book handed down in the prestigious family of the Andong Gwangsan Kim clan as an heirloom. It is also one of the national treasures of Korea as it is the oldest Chinese manuscript in Korea that contains the recipes for 121 types of beverages and food.”

Sanha will take on the role of Kim Yu, whose only goal is to pass the national civil service exam, which has been a family tradition for generations.

He happens to meet a chef named Gye Am (to be played by Kim Kang-min) who introduces Kim Yu to the world of gastronomy.

Despite his poor family background, Gye Am claims to be the top chef in Joseon with his passion for cooking.

After meeting Gye Am, Kim Yu finds himself immersed in the field of gastronomy, and starts to wonder about his life's purpose.

While Sanha has previously appeared in K-dramas like ‘Your Playlist’ and ‘Crazy Love’, Kim Kang-min acted in ‘School 2021’ and ‘Stove League’.

Actor Baek Sung-hyun, who has acted in K-dramas such as ‘Voice’ and ‘Doctors’ will make a special appearance as Kim Yu’s supportive older brother Kim Yeon.

‘Suunjapbang’ will be released on December 16. For now, it’s unclear whether the movie will be released on OTT platforms in the UAE or not.