Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz, Managing Director, Knox Technical Services Image Credit: Supplied


Abdul Aziz, Managing Director, Knox Technical Services, spills the beans on his success story, pandemic challenges and changing facility management trends

What home care services do you provide?

Knox believes in the all-under-one-roof formula, providing anything and everything one can think of doing in a villa. Being a key performer in the residential maintenance sector Knox has tailored its services to meet customer demand. Ranging from AC, electrical, plumbing, water pumps, water motors, water tank, carpentry, masonry, pest control, cleaning services, painting, landscaping, hardscape and swimming pool services, Knox also provides minor and major renovation and fit out services such as room extensions, marble installation, tiling, pergola etc.

Could you share the brand’s success story?

For Knox, the growth story has been interesting, backed by eight years of industry experience that started from scratch and grew by consistently meeting customer demand and expectations. Our best achievement was when we started getting referral clients through word of mouth, something that we experience to date with up to 32 per cent of our current revenue stream being generated through referrals.

How have changing facility management trends affected Knox?

The facility management industry is becoming more technology-centric and technology keeps changing. Gone are the days when villas and apartments had just a window or split ac that could be serviced by a layman. Today we have inverter ACs with unique software, and this is just part of the change narrative, with advancements in chiller technology, pumps, motors etc. also being welcomed. App based operations are also on trend, lending customers flexibility and allowing them access to services from the comfort of their homes. These changes also promote a consumer-friendly approach while allowing clients to share in our vision: Create a better everyday life for our customers.

How are you different from other service providers?

We believe in offering every service under one roof. Also, unlike other branded service providers, Knox doesn’t compel clients to take on yearly contracts for maintenance services, giving them the flexibility to call only when there is a problem that needs fixing, through a service that is competitively priced. With over 40 maintenance vehicles and 30 teams Knox is able to meet its ever increasing customer requirements.

What were they pandemic challenges you faced?

Most of our clients were confined to their homes during this time, seeing a rise in demand for maintenance services. There was also this huge demand for sanitation and disinfection. We took all necessary precautions by making sure our teams were in coverall protective gear with hands sanitised, and masks gloves and proper footwear in place before entering clients’ homes. These additions did add up to our cost but of course we couldn’t charge our clients extra. This was the time to stay united and give back to the community, the government and the nation for making us the successful brand we are today.

“Money is precious and we save it for you.” You said this in one of your interviews, what does it imply?

It surely is and it implies clients having an annual maintenance contract (AMC). Having an AMC for your villa is like car insurance. A car insurance ensures peace of mind in case of an accident, fortifying you against huge monetary losses. Similarly, having an AMC would mean enjoying peace of mind by calling a number anytime 24/7, 365 days of the year for any breakdowns you may face at home. Besides, investors with properties continuously under an AMC have more favourable returns as the MEP and fabric condition of their homes will be in far better condition compared to a property without AMC.

What are your future plans?

We are always known for being on time and our customer satisfaction rate is 98.9 per cent. With the tremendous support from our happy customers, our customer loyalty rate is also very high. In the future, we plan to have offices in other emirates and also across the world. However, if you ask me what our objective is now, it would be to retain our customers and work towards a 100 per cent customer satisfaction rate.

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