Global Valley will be one of the biggest employers of high-skilled tech talent in the region, sourcing exceptional employees globally across a variety of skill sets. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Abu Dhabi-based technology company G42 and Israel’s leading technology investment group Viola have announced the launch of Global Valley, a talent-as-a-service platform aimed at meeting the growing worldwide demand for top tech talent. Supported by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), this joint venture will provide clients with access to ready-to-go, end-to-end research and development (R&D) and tech excellence centers.

The services provided by Global Valley will cover the entire employee life cycle, from acquisition to management and payroll. It will cater to standard technology roles as well as more niche requirements such as artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists. The teams based in Abu Dhabi will consist of a mix of global technology talent and Emirati professionals, functioning as an extension of their clients’ core teams.

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“The company will meet the increasing worldwide demand for top technology talent, supporting companies in the UAE, Israel and around the world to innovate and grow,” said Eng. Abdulla Abdul Aziz AlShamsi, Director General of ADIO. “Global Valley also builds on the enthusiasm generated by the Abraham Accords, which continues to create important collaborations in sectors focused on innovation and advanced technology.”

Global Valley aims to become one of the largest employers of high-skilled tech talent in the region by sourcing exceptional employees globally across various skill sets. By bridging the long-term tech talent gap worldwide, the platform will offer specialized resources and complement Abu Dhabi’s existing talent pool, while also contributing to the development of the local tech sector.

“By helping address the global tech talent shortage, Global Valley is poised to further strengthen the local ecosystem, fueling unparalleled innovation and propelling Abu Dhabi to new heights as a dynamic hub for technological advancement and business prowess,” said Peng Xiao, Group CEO of G42.

Global Valley plans to operate from multiple sites in Abu Dhabi, including Al Ain, in collaboration with local partners. In addition to direct employment opportunities, the platform will offer UAE nationals internships, exchange programs, and collaborations with local universities.