G42 is part of panel discussions at Gitex Global covering a range of topics such as the impact of AI on sustainability and environment Image Credit: Supplied

As the UAE prepares to host COP28, G42 and its operating companies are emerging as a model for sustainable and responsible technology solutions. From inception to implementation, G42 champions AI as a tool to power progress, developing and deploying solutions that are sustainable in and of themselves, while also helping to create and empower greener societies. In line with the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 goal, commitment to the environment and sustainable development sits at the very core of G42’s corporate strategy and the solutions it deploys.

These solutions and their real-life applications can be seen throughout many of G42’s operating companies. For example, the main environmental impact of cloud computing is the sheer amount of electricity that is required to not only power servers, but also keep them cool – especially in climates where the temperature is naturally hot. Khazna Data Centers is fitted with solar panels and efficient cooling systems that use treated sewage and recycled water. The company will soon be using AI technology to gather live data across facilities to pinpoint areas where system upgrades will lead to even greater efficiency.

The High-Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS), soon to be launched by Bayanat, is a stratospheric flight aircraft that provides significant opportunities in climate analysis and environmental monitoring of energy, food, forests, water, cities, oceans, animals and more. The remotely piloted and solar powered aircraft provides valuable insights and forecasts that help make informed decisions to reduce environmental impact. This technology can help prepare for natural disasters, and aid governments and scientists in making predictions about the impact of climate change.

Image Credit: Supplied

G42’s solutions are currently on display at Gitex Global in Dubai through October 14, 2022. During the event, G42 is exhibiting from an immersive double-decker stand, showcasing its product offering and capabilities, as well as sharing its ambition to realise Exponential Possibilities - Today using the power of AI as a force for societal good. Built with sustainability in mind, 70 per cent of the stand is made from reusable diffused acrylic and the metal foundations are crafted in such a way that everything is 100 per cent reusable post-event. The stand also utilises low-wattage LED bulbs and smart screens to reduce the amount of energy used, while also reducing the need for paper materials usually relied upon at large events such as Gitex.

G42’s technology and leadership will be featured throughout Gitex in on-stand activities, presentations and panels sessions, which will cover topics such as the impact of AI on sustainability and environment, how environmental sciences can future-proof against healthcare disasters, why local R&D and manufacturing are important in building a sustainable healthcare ecosystem, and more sustainable data centers. Check out the full programme.

As the UAE continues its pursuit to pivot towards a knowledge-based economy, a keen focus on sustainability remains a national priority. Companies like G42 are leading the way in the private sector, redefining their corporate strategy on sustainability to support the UAE’s vision of net zero by 2050.