Laura Kohler with Exclusive Distributors
Laura Kohler, Ahmed Al Khoori and Joseph Talj Image Credit: Supplied

Kohler Co., founded in 1873, has forged a legacy of creating industry-transforming innovations for kitchen and bath spaces, energy resiliency products, luxury hospitality experiences, and major championship golf. Creativity and leading-edge design are the heart and soul of the KOHLER brand ethos and mission of gracious living.

With a sense of pride, Kitchen & Bath Gallery, a long-time distribution partner of Kohler in the UAE, announces the grand launch of its new showroom in Abu Dhabi. Kohler’s inspirational product range, from its iconic Artist Editions to new colors and finishes, is expected to be the center of attention. Ms. Laura Kohler, Kohler Company’s Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer, will be inaugurating the showroom. Laura leads the company’s advancement and integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion in all aspects of the Kohler experience. In addition, Laura manages Kohler’s Waste Lab, Innovation for Good, Safe Water for All and Stewardship programs, and the widely recognized Arts/Industry Program. She is excited to interact with leading and young interior designers of Abu Dhabi.

The new Kohler showroom in Abu Dhabi is a testament to Kohler’s commitment to the UAE market. The showroom is designed to cater to the design nuances of consumers who are inspired by diversity in design and seek an elevated lifestyle. It is a celebration of Kohler’s 150 years of excellence, and it offers a unique experience at every turn. The showroom is designed to empower trendsetting interior designers to create their own designs and shape the world of design and lifestyle. Kohler and Kitchen & Bath Gallery have a great focus on building closer ties with the architectural and interior design community of Abu Dhabi.

Laura Kohler with Interior Designers
Laura Kohler with interior designers Image Credit: Supplied

“We share Kohler's commitment to creation and innovation," said Mr. Joseph Talj, Managing Partner, Kitchen & Bath Gallery. " Together, we can create a better future for our customers and the world around us."

Kohler features some of its iconic designs in this space, showcasing its legacy in design innovation and color leadership. The products at downtown are designed to serve varied communities of the middle east from global to regional rituals – for example, Rivlet Wudu Station is designed for the spiritual ritual of the Islamic tradition, being the first of its kind cabinet with an integrated foot washer and the digital and performance showering innovations signify a global need to reimagine showering as a chance to rejuvenate and focus on self-care.

The launch of this showroom on Kohler’s 150th birthday makes this occasion even more exciting and is just another small step forward to continue the legacy for 150 more years. Adapting to emerging trends, advancements, and ever-evolving user expectations, Kohler has achieved milestones at every stage and will continue to do so with its exemplary range of products. Overall, the launch was a successful celebration along with Kohler's premium collection.