Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pexels

Dubai: UAE announced that all flights from Indonesia and Afghanistan will be suspended starting July 11. UAE nationals are also prohibited from travelling to these nations.

Transit passengers from these countries will also be banned from entering the country. Transit flights travelling to the UAE and bound for these countries are exempt from the suspension. 

Certain passengers are exempt from the suspension and are allowed to return to the UAE. These categories include:

  • UAE nationals and their first-degree relatives
  • Gold or silver residence holders
  • Diplomatic missions by the UAE and the three countries (including administrators working in the embassies)
  • Official delegations and businessmen with prior approval
  • Essential jobs (restricted to specific categories)

These exempted categories have to follow certain precautionary guidelines which include:

- 10-day quarantine

- PCR test at the airport, and on the 4th and 8th day of entering the country

- The PCR testing period has been limited to 48 hours, instead of 72 hours, and all tests must be administered by accredited laboratories that issues results with a QR code.