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These tried-and-tested hacks make sure you touch down at your destination refreshed. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Spring break is almost here. Are you and your family taking off soon? The stress and excitement of stepping onto foreign soil is part and parcel of booking a getaway. But, you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed with travel preparations. Thousands of long-haul fliers have been taking to TikTok to share hacks they've discovered along the way. Some cut down your packing time in half, while others ensure a smooth, hassle-free transit to the destination of your dreams. Our handpicked tips and tricks are so useful that they can turn a budget flight around, keeping you fresh-faced and well-rested till you land.

Before we share these viral hacks from TikTok, crosscheck with us items that should not be coming with you on a flight. If you'll be backpacking, find out what a globetrotter considers essential on your trip. Parents packing for their toddlers can also get excellent advice from a Dubai-based travelling mum.

Browse the internet's favourite travel recommendations below to wrap up last-minute shopping. Don't wait on your package, either - get a Prime membership to score free, same- or next-day delivery.

1. Invest in wireless in-flight entertainment

When you're given limited space to sleep, eat and stream movies, you'd much rather do it cable-free. Time and time again, TikTok users swear by their wireless pair of Sony WH-1000XM5s, which is why you'll see it featured on nearly every essentials list. Cabin noises are detrimental to our auditory health due to the immense air pressure, an audio expert told us. Noise cancelling on the XM5s receives endless praise online, and its 30-hour battery life is just what you need to catch some shut-eye. Connect the headphones to the in-flight entertainment system with a Bluetooth audio transmitter to bypass flimsy airline headsets. This tiny gadget pairs with a Bluetooth device and channels the signals into the flight system via the 3.5mm audio jack. Everyone on TikTok has great luck with the AirFly transmitter from Twelve South. Finally, if you're streaming downloaded films and shows from your phone or tablet device, get a flight-friendly stand for a hands-free experience.

2. Get a pouch for all your flight essentials

According to frequent fliers, you should always have a flight pouch inside your carry-on bag. This saves you from rummaging for necessary items in the dark and helps you feel more prepared to tackle long hours ahead. A travel flight pouch can hold medications, essential skincare (more on that later), charging cables, chewing gum, earbuds or earplugs, travel-sized perfume and minimal make-up products like lipgloss and clear mascara. Toiletry bags and make-up pouches work great for this purpose - bonus points if they have built-in organisers and are made from durable material to last you many travels.

3. Prepare for in-flight hygiene

Stay on top of your hygiene needs even when you're reluctant to head to the cabin toilets. Travellers on TikTok can't stop raving about waterless disposable toothbrushes by Colgate, which don't need a sink and a running tap to clean teeth post-meals. Toss in a bag of Colgate Max Fresh Wisps and brush anywhere on the go, without unearthing your toiletries. Another unbeatable hack is packing electrolyte sachets on the flight, to reduce the number of toilet trips and keep you thoroughly hydrated mid-air. 

4. Pack for crease-free clothing

With hotel breakfast to catch and tours to attend, ironing clothes can steal the few precious minutes you have before heading out. If you want to save time, TikTok users share some tips and tricks to get around creased clothing. The first step is to ensure you're folding shirts and pants the right way - roll each article carefully to prevent wrinkles and stack them in separate packing cubes, which are your also best bet at saving space in the suitcase. Next, get a crease-release spray, a miraculous formula that instantly smoothes out wrinkles with a few spritzes, and it doesn't need an iron to do the job. Decant the spray into a travel-sized bottle to get more bang for your buck. As a last resort, opt for a compact handheld garment steamer to smooth out the remaining kinks using just water and a power outlet.

5. Beat dehydrated and dull skin with in-flight skincare

Don't disregard skincare in the air. Interrupted sleep and a stale atmosphere are good reasons for packing rescue products on a flight. Most beauty enthusiasts on TikTok complain of tired, dull and dehydrated skin when they land, and they combat this with a handful of items. Evian's TSA-approved facial mist features in several flight pouches - it rehydrates the skin throughout the flight with natural mineral water and soothes any irritation. You'll also benefit from a nourishing sheet mask at the end of your flight. Mediheal is Korea's bestselling brand when it comes to face masks, and our variety pick addresses different concerns - whether you want to soothe, moisturise or tackle blemishes. For extra hydration, slather your skin in an overnight cream and then lock it in with a sheet mask. Lastly, a box of hydrocolloid pimple patches should always be in your rescue pack for nipping surprise zits in the bud.

6. Swap out liquid sunscreen for sunstick

If you can only squeeze in a little skincare, then let it be a sunscreen stick. Unfiltered ultraviolet rays in an aeroplane are much more intense than on land. Our skin is extremely vulnerable to UV damage on any flight, which is why it's important to have sun protection with us at all times. Fliers will often pick sunsticks over liquids, and this makes for an obvious choice. For one, solid formulas make reapplication contactless and, thus, germ-free. Two, they easily bypass the TSA limit on liquids. You'll find strong SPF options on the market that don't transfer make-up or paint a white cast.

7. Enhance comfort levels even in economy class

You're cold and cramped for space with a crick in the neck - it's not an unexpected scenario on a long flight. Travellers usually shop for these accessories to maximise their comfort and shave off their jetlag as much as possible. Your in-flight care starts with a supportive travel pillow. There's the TikTok-favourite Trtl neck wrap, which is worn like a scarf and takes up very minimal space in your carry-on. You could also go for our travel expert-approved pillow by Cabeau which uses memory foam to keep the head from lolling. Add a pair of compression socks to prevent your legs and feet from swelling up post-flight. Compression wear increases blood circulation and alleviates aches by applying gentle pressure to the legs. Slip them on before take-off and breeze through the next leg of your journey with ease.

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