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When coarse hairs become soft and manageable, you'll have a much easier time styling your beard. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Behind every dashing beard is a solid grooming routine. This goes beyond the expected trimmer, shaver and aftershave on the bathroom counter. We're talking about a dedicated beard kit, if growing a handsome scruff is at the top of your to-do list this year. And, beard oil is a daily essential you might just be missing out on.

It doesn't matter whether you're tending to a goatee or a grand Bandholz, you'll always want a beard that is softer, more manageable and less itchy. Gulf News spoke with an expert barber for the best advice on beard oils and if they're worth the investment.

Ghassan Harrih, better known by the alias Ghaz, is a managing partner at Akin Barber & Shop in Dubai. He considers beard oil as a must-have in any bearded man's routine, but completely rejects the myth that it may boost hair growth.

"Beard oil is used to nourish the beard and the skin underneath. It also gets rid of the flakes in the hair when the beard isn't dried properly after a shower," said Harrih, who uses handcrafted natural oils by Brooklyn Grooming on his clients.

These nourishing oils don't shape the beard the way a beard balm does, but they do work wonders with general upkeep and styling. Some lend a natural fragrance to the beard, as an aftershave would. Your length is of little concern as long as the oil reaches the skin, says Harrih.

A basic after-shower routine you can build on begins with a beard soap, towel- or blow-drying, followed by a few drops of the beard oil. Finish off with a balm for styling longer lengths with a beard brush.

Discover the best-rated oils below from Amazon, including our expert's pick, for a healthy, lush scruff. Make sure to order via Prime for free, fast delivery.

1. Best Overall: Captain Fawcett The Million Dollar Beard Oil by Jimmy Niggles, 50ml

Tagged at a premium price, but for all good reasons, this beard oil from Captain Fawcett is enriched with 23K gold flakes. It's luxurious in every sense, and contains a mixture of essential oils in a base of argan, almond and castor oils with vitamin E. Reviewers liken the spicy scent to sage and herbs, saying that their beard no longer itches after application. Harrih also recommends the brand's sturdy beard brushes.

2. Best for Sensitive Skin: Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, 2oz

Nourish the beard using 14 natural and organic oils packed in this bottle by Honest Amish. If you've used their beard balm, you already have a good idea of what the Classic Beard Oil smells like - woody, earthy and sweet. Pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and many more hydrate the follicles and add a healthy shine to your beard, even tackling dandruff. It's handcrafted in the US, and receives rave reviews from those with sensitive skin. Many note that the beard oil doesn't leave a greasy film but still softens the hair and reduces itching.

3. Best Scent: Zousz Beard Oil, Black Oud, 30ml

Stand out from the crowd when you smell like expensive oud. The Zousz Black Oud beard oil uses an organic, vegan formula to keep the skin supple and the hair hydrated. Its main ingredient, black oud, comes from the Aquilaria trees in South East Asia, along with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, leather and black pepper. What makes your beard luxuriously soft is the natural oils, from apricot kernel and avocado to macadamia seed and sunflower. Reviewers go for the black oud oil on nights out, as part of their evening wear. They say you only need a few drops daily to keep the beard soft. Do note that the scent can be overpowering for those who are sensitive to fragrance.

4. Best Budget: Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil, 50ml

For a 50ml bottle, Hawkins & Brimble is your best bet for a budget-friendly starter oil. Add this mineral oil- and paraben-free beard care oil to the kit. Argan oil repairs the hair from within, using its high vitamin E and fatty acid content. There's olive oil in the mix, too, which helps strengthen the strands. To keep your skin from itching, the beard oil features shea butter for the ultimate hydration. Long-time users comment on how their beard has noticeably become healthier over the months. Sensitive skin types that are prone to clogging, however, will have better luck with oil-only formulas.

5. Best for Dry Beards: Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil, 59ml

Dry beards would greatly benefit from Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil, a nice medium between oil and balm. Made of almond, soybean, argan and avocado oils, the blend moisturises the skin and the hair, creating a protective barrier. Despite its rich texture, reviews say it's not greasy, and long beards only need a pea-sized amount for the whole day. It has a pleasant vanilla scent.

6. Best Unscented Oil: Can You Handle Bar Temperance Unscented Beard Oil, 30ml

Looking for an unscented formula? Try the Temperance beard oil, ideal for those who have scent-triggered allergies and migraines. Formulated with light- and medium-weight oils, including olive, jojoba and grape seed, the fragrance-free product features vitamin E, like the others on our list. Buyers find their beards much easier to style with this oil, and confirm the natural, scent-free blend. For a hands-free application, the brand suggests adding drops to a beard brush, instead.

7. Best All-Rounder: Jack Black Beard Oil, 30ml

Frequently out of stock by popular demand, the Jack Black beard oil is worth the wait. Its formulation is slightly different than the rest - you'll find melon oil and marula oil adding back moisture to the hair and the skin, among other typical oils, such as grape seed, jojoba, rice bran and more. Brown algae and carrot extract are natural antioxidants that'll protect your beard from environmental aggressors. Reviewers highlight its fast-absorbing properties and light natural scent. They also add that a little product goes a long way, enough to tame flyaways, relieve itching or moisturise overnight.

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