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Invest in a travel wallet this summer, to keep track of all of your belongings at a glance. Image Credit: Shutterstock

We've all wedged the boarding pass between the pages of a passport, in a time crunch, and then proceeded to double-check frantically if it was still there. Instead, consider this: you can stash important documents, as you go, in one compact wallet.

Travel wallets squeeze in more essentials than a standard wallet. They're often differentiated by dedicated slots for passports and other travel documents, besides cash and bank cards. Some go around the neck to free your hands, while others look more traditional in design. 

Should you replace your regular wallet with a special organiser, when travelling? According to our seasoned traveller, an all-in-one wallet is perfect for seeing you through the airport to your destination.

"A travel wallet is more an organiser tool for the airport that holds all your essentials. In a way, it's a smarter option than other carry-ons because all your important documents will be in one place," said Delaine DCosta, an Abu Dhabi-based prolific travel blogger alongside her husband Jackson Dsouza, who use their 13 years of globetrotting experience to share tips on Instagram (@oftravelsandtales_).

travel wallet stock
Smaller than folders and bigger than standard wallets, these travel organisers are incredibly helpful en route to your holiday destination. Image Credit: Unsplash/Jacob Bentzinger

Most travel wallets come with RFID-blocking (radio frequency identification) technology. This creates a barrier between your cards and third-party scanners that may try to steal your information digitally in crowded areas. Past the airport, however, think about the contents that can make you a vulnerable target.

DCosta discourages travellers from carrying their passports outside of the accommodation, unless they're crossing borders. "If you were to lose a travel wallet when out, then you risk losing everything. We only carry our ID cards and distribute the cash among each other. We advise everyone to keep their passports inside a safe, and if your hotel room doesn't have one, then keep them locked in your luggage," she advised.

Having been to 61 countries in total, DCosta finds that a sling- or a lanyard-style wallet works the best. The key is to keep it hidden, under the jacket or inside the front pocket.

Keeping this in mind, we've gathered the best-rated travel wallets of various shapes and designs on Amazon, to suit different travellers. Shop with a Prime membership to get them to you as soon as today, with no delivery charge!

1. Best Overall: Bellroy Travel Wallet

The most low-profile travel wallet on our list, the Bellroy premium wallet looks like any other bi-fold purse. This product is slightly wider, however, to fit in standard-sized passports (except for German and Irish). There's plenty of space for storing your flight tickets, cash, SIM card, and up to 10 cards. You can even tuck away some spare cash in a hidden compartment. It's made of environmentally certified leather, which has RFID protection built in against digital theft. The travel wallet also has a micro pen in the spine for quickly filling out forms and noting down changes in the itinerary. Reviewers put it to use on all their trips and leave five stars for the quality finish and slim form. With this, they've had an easier time presenting their passport whenever needed. The only drawback seems to be a missing latch to secure the wallet.

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Warranty: The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

2. Best Budget: Lewis N. Clark Stash Neck Wallet

If carrying your travel documents around the neck sounds safer, then the Lewis N. Clark neck wallet is for you. It's a modest nylon travel pouch that sits against the chest and offers a surprising amount of space to the traveller. Not only it's made of two layers of RFID-blocking technology, but the fabric is also resistant to tear on the front. The lanyard wallet easily stores cash, passports, gadgets, cards, tickets and so much more in slip and zippered pockets. Parents in the reviews pick it up for their little ones to keep their documents and phone safe. Others use it to organise the family's passports, along with other essentials. The soft neck strap is adjustable to suit various lengths. 

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3. Best Minimalist Wallet: Vaultskin Kensington Leather Passport Wallet

Another luxury wallet to consider is the bi-fold by Vaultskin that's handcrafted from Italian leather. Slim enough to fit in a pocket, the travel wallet is secured with RFID-blocking technology. A long external pocket is designed to hold your ticket and boarding pass. Your passport slides snugly inside an interior pocket, opposite two slots for cards. Buyers love that the long pocket has two extra hidden slots for credit cards. Some have even managed to fold down A4 printouts to store them. Choose from seven colours, including turquoise and brown leather.

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4. Best for Family: Polare Full Grain Leather Passport Holder

With this large-capacity organiser, a travelling family is going to have an easier time keeping track of everyone's documents. Store up to six passports, four credit cards, boarding passes, tickets, ID cards and a pen in one place. The wallet has dedicated pockets for cash on the right and left. Though it comes with a removable wrist strap, it is bulkier than what you might expect from a travel wallet. It's still RFID-protected, thanks to a special lock lining along the luxury napa leather. Reviewers note how there's no chance of items slipping out, since the main compartment is zippered. Those who belong to a family of six recommend it for the ease of travel.

5. Best for Adventurers: Fjällräven Kånken Travel Wallet

Here's another zippered wallet, except this one's made of heavy-duty polyester and cotton. The Kanken travel wallet is meant to withstand rugged travels, come rain or shine, since it's stitched from a waxed G-1000 fabric. Inside, travellers will find spacious pockets for passports and cards, with a zippered slot for loose change and cash. Despite its compact size, it even has a fleece-lined section for your phone. Outside, the flat pocket holds onto any temporary documents, like your boarding gate pass, but buyers use this to store a small notebook or their phone. Reviewers report back after six months, impressed by how the wallet has powered through with no signs of wear or tear. It packs slim even when filled to the brim.

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