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Do you work from home? Then, it's time to reorganise your office space to potentially boost focus and productivity. Image Credit: Unsplash/Carl Heyerdahl

A clutter-free workspace deserves a spot on your vision board for 2023. Imagine never losing your important files, pens and sticky notes, and always knowing where your USB sticks and cables can be found. An organised office desk paints a pretty picture, but it's also a clever way of boosting productivity at your nine-to-five. Don't know where to begin? Undertake this project, with pro advice from our organising and design experts.

"Clutter has a negative effect on our productivity, especially in the workspace. A well-organised space allows us to function better and be able to focus mindfully on the task at hand," Sameera Ameer, founder and lead designer of luxury design firm Studio Tsubi in Dubai, told Gulf News. Once you feel grounded, you'll begin to respond to work demands in a more peaceful manner, she adds.

When it comes to organising, experts never jump right in - instead, they dedicate a time slot to the task, assess what they need, and give or stash away what they don't immediately need. This tip comes from Kismet Awadalla, a professional home organiser and founder of her own organising firm Sorted By Kismet on Instagram.

"What stays on your desk, in your line of vision, should be items you need immediately. Everything else can be tucked away into drawers or go up on the walls," added Awadalla.

There are plenty of ways to maximise your workspace, with clever dividers, pegboards, storage bins and more. Once that's done and dusted, then comes the challenging part - maintaining a clean desk. Ameer advised: "Be methodical and tidy at the end of every work day, as this avoids the buildup of clutter over time. Also, periodically declutter your workspace - get rid of any unwanted files and belongings during this time".

We gathered ideas from both experts on how to keep our stationery, gadgets, wires and paperwork neat and tidy. Browse our list below and add to the cart items that you think might fit your needs the best. With a Prime membership, you'll get your dream workspace even faster.

1. Install a pegboard

If space is limited, the closest wall is your solution. Adding storage to vertical spaces keeps office supplies visible and makes access convenient. It might even help with setting your workspace apart from the rest of your room, especially if you work in the bedroom. Pegboards are super versatile, and storage on them can be reshuffled whenever you feel like a makeover. We've also added an 80-piece pegboard accessory pack, containing hooks and bins, so that you can get started right away.

2. Vertical organisers for pegboards

With your pegboard secured, Awadalla says floating shelves and baskets can take on miscellaneous items. Peg your choice of storage for headphones, scissors and excess stationery. These products could go on Command hooks and the bare wall, but consider pairing them up with a pegboard for a more renter-friendly option.

3. Desk dividers and organisers

Drawer clutter is inevitable. After all, it's the perfect place to sweep your on-desk materials into. As tempting as this band-aid solution is, introduce order to your desk drawers with easily available dividers. Awadallah stresses their necessity, since desk organisers help you clean up and locate things quickly. You have the option of customising your own organiser by buying separate compartments or storing items in readymade office trays.

4. Stackable trays for paperwork

Piling paperwork in this digital age is fairly avoidable, unless you're stuck with physical copies as part of your job. Awadalla notes how untidy piles are a common sight in her experience and the solution to the problem is categorisation. "Add stackable paper trays on the desk and colour code them according to a filing system that works best for you. An example is sorting paperwork by urgent, to-do and discard piles, so that any paper you spot, you'll be able to categorise it in an instant," she explained. The same can apply to files that can be stored in coloured folders, adds Ameer. 

5. Pull-out tray for your electronics

Our gadgets, from scanners to cables, emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, which might cause headaches and fatigue. Ameer added: "I always advise clients to keep electronics to a minimum and preferably stored out of sight; for example, a printer can be stored in the cabinet with a pull-out tray shelf and used only when necessary". You could also store your keyboard and mouse on dedicated shelves in monitor risers. Finding a pull-out drawer for bigger office appliances, like scanners and printers, might be tricky, but you could repurpose kitchen cabinet organisers. 

6. Get a trolley cart to maximise space

Some minimalist desks come without drawers, and if they do, the drawers end up being too shallow for any meaningful storage. You could supplement your limited space with a utility cart, says Awadalla. The items that could've gone inside a drawer can hang around in this trolley, which can be rolled in and out whenever you need it.

7. Organisers for pens and other stationery

On-the-desk modules are probably what come to mind first, when we think of office organisation. You're spoiled for choice on this front, but there's an excellent tip by Awadalla to keep in mind before purchasing a few: "Clear bins and trays can be very visually pleasing, only if you can keep the contents inside in order. If you're not prone to keeping things neat, then get coloured bins instead, so that the clutter isn't visible".

8. Hide cables for a neat setup

Nothing makes the desk look shabby faster than a tangled wire mess. With a permanent computer setup, tie similar power cables together. Systems, like laptops and tablets, that require frequent charging can have their wires pinned to the desk using adhesive clips, suggests Awadalla. Your main socket can either go into a cable management box, so that it blends into the workspace, or in an under-desk tray where it's hidden from sight. For the full breakdown on cable organisation, head over to our helpful list here.

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