It's time to organise your miscellaneous USB cables and chargers, with our list. Image Credit: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

The first step to reducing clutter is to weed out what you don’t need, and then to stash the rest in a forever home. Your cable drawer, where all the tech accessories disappear to, can benefit from the same approach. Nifty organisers can clear the tangled, gnarly mess of USB cables, chargers and earphones, around your desk. Not only do items like cable clips save you time, but they also help with achieving a neat, aesthetically pleasing workspace.

We asked an expert at a PC accessory store about their cable management solutions and noted them down for you. Before we jump right in, Hashim Rashid, sales manager at Gadgetz in Dubai, says a sure-fire way of decluttering wires is to invest in a universal Type-C cable. “Buy one and it can be used with nearly 90 per cent of your devices, unless you own an Apple ecosystem, of course,” he advised.

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1. Get a cable management box for everyday chargers and plugs

Consider covering your TV and PC power strips with special cable management boxes. Image Credit: Unsplash/ConvertKit

Rashid’s go-to solutions brand is Blupebble, which offers a wide variety of organisers for techies. His favourite no-mess cable box is a two-in-one device that acts like discrete storage for a power strip (included) and different USB cables. “It has a 190-joule surge protection – so even if you’ve plugged in a faulty device, and there’s a power spike, the box cuts the power to protect your electronics,” said Rashid. There are five sockets and three USB ports for charging devices, all hidden inside a lidded white box. Rashid tosses his large computer adapters in the box and leaves it on his desk, its single two-metre cord powering everything. Rashid also recommends cable boxes by Bluelounge, which don’t come with a power strip included.

2. Use adhesive clips to pin down wayward cables

Hang charging cables for your various devices right on your desk. Image Credit: Unsplash/charlesdeluvio

Instead of letting your wires run lose all over the desk, clip them at the edge, so that they’re always within reach when you need them. “Cable clips are sticky holders that go on a flat surface to secure your wires,” said Rashid. You can have individual clips attached to the side of your desk or a multi-slot holder near the computer. These are ideal for any wired electronics around the house, too, like lamps on the nightstand and for the TV console. Reviews say it’s easier to grab and plug a charging cable, knowing that the wire is always in its clip, on the bedside table or the desk. Plus, they clear up clutter on the floor, with no more wires weaving between your feet when working.

3. Store your gear in a travel tech bag

cable bag
For work trips, store your frequently used gadgets and wires in a tech pouch or backpack. Image Credit: Unsplash/Аlex Ugolkov

If you’re jetting off soon for the holiday season, consider a tech bag to hold your phone charger, USB cables, earbuds, digital camera and more. Rashid carries a Razer backpack made of ballistic nylon exterior that makes it tear- and water-resistant. “When it comes to my headphones, laptop and daily gadgets, I store them in this bag – it has pockets for everything you can think of,” said Rashid. Our Razer picks can fit laptops up to 17 inches. There are smaller storage bags, for times when your computer is not tagging along with you. These travel-sized weatherproof cases make access a breeze, so that you’re not left digging for the power bank in flight, and protect your gear.

4. Label your wires with a handy printer

Use label stickers to classify devices that connect to your PC. Image Credit: Pexels/Skylar Kang

NIIMBOT B21 Mini Thermal Label Printer


  • Compact and portable
  • No ink needed
  • Edit labels on the app to your liking
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • Comes with only one roll of label paper

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When you’re dealing with several wires going in and out of a system, labelling them can help you keep track. Rashid says that he uses a NIIMBOT thermal label printer to design stickers from his phone, for PC cables: “Most accessories, like your keyboard and mouse, have similar-looking cables. If you label them, you’ll know which one to unplug from the back, without tracing each wire to its source,” he added. A label printer can come in handy with organising pantry items, too.

5. Tidy your gaming corner with stands and hooks

headset stand
Rest your controllers and headsets on a dedicated stand. Image Credit: Unsplash/Nubelson Fernandes

Wireless controllers have a tendency to vanish, if they’re not left by the gaming console. Add a multi-tier stand to the desk, instead, where your controllers and headsets can be picked up from and deposited on to. Some are more space-saving than others, like our KDD pick that has an under-desk clamp. With these holders, the hooks can be switched out for cup holders, too, so you’re getting more bang for your buck. If you’re a Nintendo Switch player, try a wall-mountable hook for the gadget. The Monzlteck mount comes with a separate holder for the controllers, while the main unit also stores your favourite games in the card slot.

6. Tuck away miscellaneous items under a monitor riser

monitor riser
Spruce up your workstation to boost focus and productivity with storage risers. Image Credit: Unsplash/Annie Spratt

A workstation organiser must be multifunctional, to help you save as much space as possible. Monitor stands not only elevate the screen to an ergonomic viewing height, but also offer storage for stationery items strewn across the desk. The Zimilar monitor riser has two pen slots on the surface, an integrated phone holder and a larger slot for tablets. There’s ample room for your keyboard and mouse to slide under, as well. Other options include a stylish acrylic riser that comes without the built-in slots but has shelf space for notebooks, phone, pens and more.

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