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Ditch plastic bottles for a water dispenser that offers touchless access to both hot and cold water, in seconds. Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Every home, school or office space has one thing in common – convenient access to clean drinking water. There’s likely no appliance that makes this process as easy and hassle-free, as a water dispenser.

These freestanding water coolers come in top- or bottom-loading varieties, and there even exist countertop models that save space. While the most basic ones dispense room temperature water only, others offer both hot and cold water. The best include high-end features, like self-cleaning mechanisms, touchless operations and built-in cooling compartments.

We spoke with Fazal Imam, founder of servicing and repair company, Dubai Repairs, whose servicing team has experience with fixing and maintaining these appliances. He shared his feedback on the best options, based on user needs, which you can scroll down to read.

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Based on our expert’s recommendations, and top-rated user reviews, we curated a list of the best water dispensers you can buy ahead of hot summer months. Add this appliance to your home with Amazon Prime, during the ongoing sale, and get access to quick, convenient hydration as early as tomorrow.

1. Best Overall: Avalon A1 Top-Loading Water Cooler 


  • Spill-proof replacement
  • Touchless dispenser
  • Child safety lock
  • Energy Star-rated


  • Difficult to fill tall water bottles
  • Expensive

With a classic design and everything you need in a water dispenser, Avalon A1 is reliable and efficient. Imam recommended it, saying: “Offering both hot and cold water, this model is straightforward, perfect for those who prefer traditional designs.” One of the biggest issues with top-loading coolers is the risk of spillage when you’re trying to manoeuvre the water jug into place. This unit solves the issue, with a built-in puncture rod for non-spill bottle caps (make sure your water subscriber provides containers with these caps). Reviewers say they’ve never spilled water when loading, because of this helpful feature. Touchless paddles help you gain access to both hot and cold water instantly, and the hot dispenser is secured by a child safety lock. It’s energy-efficient and has a slim profile, so it’ll stand out of the way in any room. Do note, however, that its pocket isn’t deep enough to accommodate large pitchers or tall water bottles, which can be disappointing for some users. It’s also one of the priciest options on our list.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments and pay Dh189.56 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh142, and two-year extended warranty for Dh202.

2. Best Top-Loading: Panasonic Top-Loading Water Dispenser 


  • Child safety lock
  • Dispensing light
  • Overheat protection
  • Quiet


  • Some reports of water leakage, by reviewers

An option that offers value for money, Panasonic’s top-loading dispenser comes with hot, cold, and room temperature options. Imam noted: “Known for its advanced technology and durability, Panasonic water dispensers are highly regarded for their quality and performance.” It has a two-litre tank capacity, so you don’t have to refill it often. The device’s anti-fingerprint finish gives it a sleek look, and its child safety lock prevents accidental burns from the hot water faucet. Features like overheating protection and a dispensing light also give it an added edge. Although reviewers are satisfied with its look and functionality, a few complain that they have noticed water leakage in just a few months of use. Fortunately, the appliance comes with a manufacturer warranty that covers such issues.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides one-year warranty. Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh29, and two-year extended warranty for Dh41.

3. Best Bottom-Loading: Electrolux Bottom-Loading Water Dispenser 


  • Sleek design
  • Convenient loading system
  • LED indicator for low-light conditions
  • Child safety lock


  • Can be noisy

This convenient bottom-loading water cooler by Electrolux, has a minimalistic look and great features. Imam recommended it, saying: “Offering sleek designs and high efficiency, Electrolux water dispensers are a premium choice for modern homes in Dubai.” There’s no heavy lifting involved – just slide in the bottle into the lower compartment. Select water from three spouts: hot, cold or room temperature. If you’re looking for a drink of water at nighttime, you don’t have to switch on the light and disturb other members of the household – LED indicators make it efficient and easy to use. A child lock on the hot water spout also keeps little ones safe from accidental scalds. However, some reviewers say the compressor can be quite noisy.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments and pay Dh47.87 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh57, and two-year extended warranty for Dh81.

4. Best Bottleless: Brio Bottleless Water Cooler 


  • Endless water supply
  • Good filtration system
  • Digital touchscreen controls
  • Customisable water temperature


  • Limited placement options
  • Expensive

There’s a reason why Brio’s bottleless water dispenser comes with a hefty price tag: its premium look and feel are complemented by advanced features. To start with, the appliance’s stainless-steel housing and bottleless design taps into your home’s water supply – this essentially means endless water without the need for a subscription. But it does limit placement of the appliance, since it has to be installed close to the water line. A comprehensive filtration system, which includes a sediment filter, carbon pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane and carbon post-filter, all work together to purify and enhance the taste of your water. Digital touchscreen controls make the device easy to operate, and you can customise temperatures across a range of 78°C to 90°C for hot, and 3.8°C to 15°C for cold water. Reviewers love that it has a self-cleaning function with ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation.

Bonus: Buy with 0% installments and pay Dh308.33 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh227, and two-year extended warranty for Dh323.

5. Best Countertop: Aftron Table-Top Water Dispenser 


  • Space-saving appliance
  • Touchless design
  • Quiet


  • Difficult to fill tall glasses
  • No child safety lock

An affordable and efficient hydration solution, especially if you’re short on floor space, Aftron’s table-top water dispenser can be placed on any flat surface, like the counter or a table. Its top-loading style is convenient, since three-gallon jugs are much lighter than their five-gallon counterparts. Two taps offer touchless access to hot or cold water. Reviewers say the water flow is ideal, and it’s a quiet appliance. However, because of its small build, you might find it difficult to fill large pitchers or tall glasses. There is also no child safety lock feature in this appliance, so it's best to ensure it’s placed out of the way of small children.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides one-year warranty. Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh29, and two-year extended warranty for Dh41.

6. Best Value: Super General Hot and Cold Water Dispenser 


  • Integrated cabinet for cups
  • Cooling compartment for beverages
  • Child safety lock
  • Long cable


  • Design may not suit your home

A great option that combines affordability with high-end features, Super General’s top-loading water dispenser offers instant hot and cold water from a single faucet. An innovative cup storage system sets it apart: an integrated semi-transparent cabinet holds up to 10 cups, so it’s ideal for children, or for when you’re hosting a party. An on/off child lock power switch on the back of the appliance keeps little ones safe. There’s also a cooling cabinet below the taps, with adjustable shelves, where you can store beverages. A long, 135cm cable allows you to place the water dispenser in virtually any part of your home. Some reviewers comment that the floral design is slightly kitschy and may not be well-suited to every home.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh29, and two-year extended warranty for Dh41.

The convenience of water dispensers

water cooler
Should you get a top-loading, bottom-loading, countertop or bottleless water cooler? It depends on your requirements and budget. Image Credit: Shutterstock

In the UAE, where the weather can be scorching hot, it’s important to make hydration one of your top priorities. Water dispensers offer a great way to get you started on this goal.

Imam said: “They offer a dependable supply of refreshing water, encouraging family members to stay hydrated all day. Moreover, many modern models provide both cold and hot water options making it handy for preparing drinks or quick meals.”

But which kind of water dispenser should you purchase? A top-loading one, where the five-gallon bottle has to be lifted and set onto the appliance, or a bottom-loading one, which allows you to slide in the water container?

Imam broke down the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of dispenser, to help you make an informed decision.

He said: “[Bottom-loading] dispensers are designed with user comfort in mind, eliminating the need to lift water bottles, which reduces the risk of spills and strain. They also often sport a look that blends well with modern home decor. However, bottom-loading dispensers tend to be more expensive initially, and might have more components that could require maintenance over time.”

Top-loading dispensers, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly. Our expert said: “These models are typically more affordable and simpler in design, which can mean fewer parts that need repair or maintenance. They allow users to see the water level easily, ensuring they know when to replace the bottle. But lifting and flipping the heavy water bottles can be inconvenient and physically challenging for some users.”

At the end of the day, it comes down to your priorities and preferences. Imam’s recommendation is to choose one with bottom-loading features if you’re after convenience, “especially in households with elderly members or young kids”. But if you're aiming for affordability and simplicity, then top-loading dispensers are a great option to consider.

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