The Eero 6 is an affordable WiFi 6 upgrade for larger homes that have a lot of computers and smart devices. Video Credit: Evangeline Elsa/Gulf News

What do you do when you are watching a video on social media, and it takes forever to buffer due to a weak WiFi spot in your house? Do you instantly switch to your 4G network? If you are looking for a solution to get stronger WiFi signals across your entire house, without the hassle of setting up multiple routers and repeaters, then read on for the perfect device.

Recently, I moved to a building where the cellular signal for my network provider was too weak. Suddenly, I had to depend entirely on WiFi for all my work, from uploading videos to Zoom calls while working from home. I had to constantly request my husband, who would invariably be streaming a movie, or my son, who would be gaming online, to wait till I was done with work.

The Eero 6 Dual-mesh WiFi router by Amazon

But, I found a solution to my WiFi problems, when my editor asked me to test and review a device that I wish I had come across sooner – the Eero 6 Dual-mesh WiFi router by Amazon. In simple words, it's a mesh WiFi system that improves your network connection across your home. Get it with Amazon Prime as early as tomorrow.

With this device, you can say goodbye to dead spots, drop-offs, and buffering — even when the whole family is online. Eero 6 systems have the speed and reliability you need for working from home, learning online, video conferencing with friends and family, and streaming and gaming in 4K.

While I tried out the eero 6, it's worth mentioning that the device has a premium counterpart: the eero Pro 6, a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 based system, which is more suited to households with gigabit internet service.

How is it different from a traditional WiFi system?

Traditional WiFi systems work using a single route router. If you need a stronger and more stable connection, you can add additional routers to wired ports in your primary router. In mesh WiFi systems, instead of hardwiring compatible routers, you just purchase and deploy extenders. These aren’t wired to your primary router. The extenders are traffic forwarders as compared to traditional routers, which are traffic access points. So in a mesh system, when you switch from an access point or extender to the next one, the process is seamless. Moreover, the maintenance of hardwired ecosystems of additional routers is very costly and needs constant updates.

Eero 6, however, uses smart technology to update on its own.

It features WiFi 6, the latest WiFi standard, offering faster speeds, higher performance, and better coverage for simultaneously connected devices. The eero 6 systems come with a patented TrueMesh technology, a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, and support for Amazon Frustration-Free Setup.

Plus, it's reasonably priced, easy to set up, and can be managed through a phone application that's available on both iOS and Android devices.

Eero 6: At a glance


  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Connection remains completely stable
  • No dropouts of WiFi signals, no restart required
  • Backward-compatible with all devices and previous WiFi generations
  • Works seamlessly with your existing internet service provider
  • Hassle-free installation of extenders
  • App has an easy user interface with a well-supported ecosystem
  • Guest WiFi system that allows for manual or QR-code-based pairing
  • Works with Alexa


  • Subscription required to unlock paid features, such as enhanced security, network level ad blocker, content filtering, and more
  • Doesn’t give you speeds over 550mbps
  • Only one spare Ethernet jack on the primary Eero device
  • Dual-band means no support for WiFi 6E


WiFi coverage: Covers up to 140m². Actual range and performance can vary, depending on factors such as walls, building materials, obstructions, and device usage.

Connectivity: Designed for homes with internet connections up to 500 Mbps, the eero 6 features two Ethernet ports, and a USB-C power port. On the extra Ethernet port, you can use a printer, desktop, or gaming console. The device also has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, which you can use to connect to your smart lights, smart locks or other smart home devices.

Processor, memory and storage: The eero 6 router runs on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage.


A compact and minimalist design with minimum packaging. The device is small and its non-intrusive stylish design allows it to blend into most home décor styles. You can mix and match devices to create a custom system that’s right for your home.

Dimensions: 99.4 x 97 x 61.4 mm


After a few days of use, here's what I can say about the performance. Video calls are more stable and the download speed over WiFi has definitely increased. And, multiple devices continue to receive a stable connection even while streaming 4K videos or gaming content.

With the Eero Mesh, my quality of WiFi has gone up. It uses some smart technology to understand the best time to update and updates it on its own.

While I am using only a single eero system for my house with three rooms, I think it is advisable to purchase an eero extender bundle.

The WiFi 6 is a step up from WiFi standards of the past. Here’s how it works: a single transmission sends data to multiple users, in parallel, to better fill the WiFi channel. The result is greater efficiency, less congestion, and lower wait times for data delivery than WiFi 5. Just think of it as all your devices getting the connection they need.

Eero systems are Certified for Humans, meaning you can connect your smart home devices to your WiFi network in fewer steps, with Amazon Frustration-Free Setup. After linking your eero account with your Amazon account, compatible devices purchased with your Amazon account join the network straight away and stay connected when you change your network name or password.

The network will improve over time, as it learns and adapts to your environment. Amazon recommends letting the system run overnight to get the most accurate speed test and coverage results.

The setup is straightforward, with advanced configuration options. And, connecting devices - especially if you have a smart home - is very easy.

Overall assessment

All in all, I would definitely recommend the eero 6 mesh WiFi if you are looking for an affordable solution to improve your WiFi across your home. The device is ready right out of the box. Setting up your eero 6 system takes just minutes using the in-app instructions.

However, the eero 6 is an entry-level product for those who are just starting to adopt mesh networking. For full gigabit support, Amazon offers the eero Pro 6, which comes at a higher cost. The limited Ethernet ports in this particular system make it suitable for non-sophisticated setups only.

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