Give your electronics a new lease on life, with a thorough deep clean. Image Credit: Shutterstocks

When was the last time you shook out debris from your keyboard? Or wiped down and disinfected your mobile phone?

Cleaning our electronic devices is likely the last thing on our minds, but the fact is, they’re probably some of the most used items in our homes. From smartphones to headphones and laptops, our gadgets help us run our schedules, attend meetings, manage our work and unwind with entertainment. But this also means they’re frequently exposed to dust, debris, food particles, and liquids. So, it’s essential to clean and maintain them regularly.

How important is it to clean electronic devices?

By running your phone through a UV sanitiser, you can effectively remove over 99 per cent of bacteria from its surface. Image Credit: Shutterstock

We spoke with Noushad Pattillath, CEO of Innox Technologies (IX Gamers) in Dubai [@ixgamersuae on Instagram and Meta], whose team has extensive experience in the distribution and maintenance of electronics.

He said: “Keeping your electronics clean is important for their longevity and performance.”

However, Pattillath cautioned that the cleaning process for electronics is different from techniques you’d apply to other surfaces: “Be gentle while cleaning and don’t do it in a rush. Always power off or unplug your electronics before cleaning to ensure safety. Don't use cloth on circuit boards as it might catch and the threads may leave marks on the boards. Water or cleaning liquids are also a big ‘no’. If you don’t have much idea about electronics or their function, then it’s better to approach professional cleaning teams.”

But if you’re confident about managing the cleaning process by yourself, Pattillath shared excellent tips on how to do so. We took his recommendations on board and curated the best cleaning products and equipment for electronics.

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1. Best UV Sanitiser: Belkin UV Sanitiser with Wireless Charger 


  • Doubles as a wireless charger
  • Cleans within minutes
  • Lightweight, sleek design


  • Limited space in the sanitisation compartment

In 2012, scientists at the University of Arizona, US, found that mobile phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. A smart solution is Belkin’s UV (ultraviolet) Sanitiser, which kills up to 99.99 per cent of bacteria on your phone and other everyday items (like car keys, pens and cash) through its dual LED UV lights. The Qi-enabled sanitiser doubles as a wireless charger, so you can drop your phone onto it as soon as you’re home, and rest assured that it’s charging up even as it's getting cleaned. Choose from two sanitising modes – a quick, three-minute clean or a 10-minute deep clean. Reviewers like how fast-acting the device is, although there’s not enough space in the sanitiser for bigger items, like a remote control or bulkier phone cases.

2. Best Air Blower: Makita Electric Air Blower 


  • Compact, light blower
  • Anti-static electricity
  • Powerful and fast
  • Includes a dust bag


  • No air speed control

As Pattillath’s top recommendation for cleaning laptop and PC components, compressed air dusters are essential devices to keep at hand. He said: “For cleaning electronics, it is always better to use a blower, since less static electricity is generated. Never use your home vacuum cleaner as it creates a lot of static, and might ruin devices.” He advised getting a well-known brand, like Makita, which is known for its powerful, long-lasting hardware. This electric air blower produces a high volume of air, at a rapid air speed of 91m/s, and has a self-standing design so it’s easy to manage while cleaning. It also comes with a dust bag, if you’d like to convert it to a vacuum cleaner for other parts of your home. Reviewers say it’s lightweight and compact, but wish they could control the air speed when cleaning fragile devices.

3. Best Air Blower Cleaning Kit: ATEngeus Compressed Air Duster 


  • Powerful motor
  • Control air speed
  • USB Type-C charging port
  • Cordless


  • Noisy

reach 41,000 rotations per minute, which means it can blow away even the tiniest speck of dust, for a complete deep clean. This is a fully equipped cleaning kit, with an additional brush and nozzle to deep clean all your electronics. Pattillath shared advice on how to properly clean your laptop or PC keyboard: “Dust and crumbs can easily accumulate between the keys of a keyboard. To remove them, turn off the keyboard or unplug it from your computer, then turn it upside down and gently tap or shake it to dislodge loose debris. You can then use compressed air to blow out stubborn particles.” He also suggested using compressed air to clean out debris and dust from the ventilation ports of electronic devices, such as laptops and game consoles. But he added: “Do so carefully, to avoid pushing the dust deeper into the device.” Unlike our previous pick, you can control the air speed through the knob on the ATEngeus air duster. It’s cordless and convenient to use, and recharges in three hours.

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4. Best Cleaning Cloth: Kuzy Microfibre Cleaning Cloth for Electronics 

A regular piece of cloth won’t cut it when you need to wipe off electronics. Pattillath advised: “To clean the surface of keys and remove smudges or stains, use a soft, lint-free microfibre cloth, slightly dampened with a mixture of water and Isopropyl alcohol (preferably 70 per cent or higher). Avoid using excessive moisture, and make sure the keyboard is unplugged or turned off when cleaning.” Grab Kuzy’s six-pack and distribute it amongst your family – the microfibre cloths completely erase dust, grease, fingerprints and dirt, even on the most delicate surfaces. You can use it on your smartphone, PC monitor, laptop and tablet screens and even camera lenses.

5. Best for Earphones: SUPFINE Multi-Function Cleaning Kit 

If you always have an AirPod in your ear, it’s time to give it a thorough clean. TikTok recently re-introduced people to the cleaning pen, which you can also find in this eight-in-one SUPFINE cleaning kit. With a metal tip, the pen effectively removes dirt hidden in the crevices of your earbuds, while its microfibre brush wipes away dust and its high-density fluff brush cleans the charging case. This versatile cleaning kit can also be used to clean your keyboard, since it has a key puller, with which you can remove individual keys. It’s a compact, pocket-friendly cleaning set, so you can always keep it in your backpack and use it whenever your electronics look particularly grimy.

6. Best for Cameras: K&F Concept Professional Cleaning Set 

If you’re not sure what to buy to clean your camera, or want to get a cleaning kit for a photography enthusiast, pick up this 23-in-one cleaning kit by K&F. It’s a complete, professional lens cleaning kit that’ll ensure the camera is scratch- and stain-free. The set includes APS-C and full frame sensor cleaning swabs, along with microfibre cloths, antistatic gloves, air blower, lens pen and brush, and a bag to store it all. Reviewers especially like the anti-static soft brush of the cleaning pen, which effectively pulls away dust from the lens and the body of the camera.

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7. Best for Cable Management: Blupebble Power Strip with Cable Management 

Organising all the cables that are associated with your gadgets can help reduce the need for clean-up. We picked Blupebble’s two-in-one cable management box, which you can use as discrete storage for different USB cables, and a power strip. The device has five sockets and three USB ports for charging devices – but they’re all hidden inside a lidded white box, which means they’re safe from dust. Pattillath said: “Keep cables and cords organised and clean to prevent dust and dirt build-up. Use cable organisers or clips to tidy up your workspace and make cleaning easier.”

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