ultrawide monitors
An ultrawide screen is capable of replacing two monitors and decluttering your desk for a more efficient workspace. Image Credit: Unsplash/Luke Peters

The curved screen is not exclusive to developers and coding geniuses. It’s a welcome upgrade from the traditional monitor that anyone can take advantage of, especially if you’re frustrated with a two-monitor setup and the subsequent desk clutter.

With more horizontal screen real estate, ultrawide monitors are a popular choice of display for the home office. Most have slightly curved screens, which mimic our eyes’ natural curvature and put the user at the centre of the action, blocking out any peripheral distractions. This is excellent news for boosting your productivity.

To find out more about ultrawide monitors and how they can help, scroll down to check out shopping advice from Muhammed Shameer, IT support and partner at Dubai-based repair store Techmate Computers.

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Based on our expert’s recommendations, we drew up a list of the best ultrawide monitors on the market today. These are also highly rated on Amazon with positive user reviews. Make sure to shop with a Prime membership for free, same-day delivery, and enjoy discounts on electronics.

1. Best Overall: Samsung Odyssey G9 G95SC 49-inch OLED


  • 49-inch OLED screen
  • 1800R curvature offers immersive viewing
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • 240Hz refresh rate with 0.03ms of response time
  • Built-in speakers


  • Expensive

If you're aiming for the best of the best, the Samsung Odyssey range leaves no stone unturned. From its OLED (organic LED) panel to the curved 49-inch screen, the expert-picked G9 makes gaming possible on a super ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratio. Backed by the Neo Quantum Processor Pro chip, you get incredible speeds of 0.03-millisecond response time and 240Hz refresh rate, with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology that reduces lag and tear. Its display is equivalent to two quad-high definition monitors put together, wrapping around your field of vision with true black and dark colours. Aside from gaming, the monitor also transforms into a smart TV, so you can catch up on a show during break. As for connectivity, you're getting one DisplayPort 1.4 and a HDMI 2.1 port as well as a Micro HDMI port. Reviewers who bought the 49-inch monitor say they're never going back from an OLED screen again, and commend the fast response time and its colour accuracy.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh386.67 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh284 and two years for Dh470.

2. Best for MacOS: LG 40WP95C-W 40-inch Curved UltraWide Monitor


  • Crystal-clear resolution of 5120 x 2160
  • IPS panel has excellent colour reproduction
  • Works well with Mac computers
  • Ports include Thunderbolt 4, DisplayPort and HDMI
  • AMD FreeSync technology


  • Refresh rate is lower than our best overall at 72Hz
  • Expensive

In the same price range, you can get LG's well-known UltraWide monitor in 40 inches, a slightly smaller display if you're tight on desk space. This is not an OLED but a Nano IPS panel, which is great for colour accuracy and visibility in a sun-lit working area. Compared to the Odyssey, this monitor boasts more pixels at 5120 x 2160 to bring you clearer, sharper images. It's specially designed with content creators in mind, given its wide colour spectrum and HDR10 support. There's an incredible range of ports here, including not only DisplayPort and HDMI but also Thunderbolt 4, letting you plug in two extra monitors and a laptop at once. Buyers based in the UAE say that LG's customer service is prompt and helpful. Users with MacBook Pro were able link their laptop successfully and call it the 'goldilocks' of monitors. If you deal with a lot of text, many say that office work on it is crisp and clear.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh383.50 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh284 and two years for Dh470.

3. Best Value: Dell S3422DWG 34-inch Curved Gaming Monitor 


  • Great budget option for work and play
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • VA panel offers amazing contrast
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology
  • Comes with many USB ports, a DisplayPort and two HDMIs


  • No built-in speaker

You have plenty of budget options in Dell, like this 34-inch curved screen as recommended by our expert. It comes with the common ultrawide resolution of 3440 x 1440 on a VA panel that typically has higher contrast so you can expect deeper blacks and more details in shadows when gaming. The refresh rate is an impressive 144Hz with DisplayPort and 100Hz via an HDMI connection - pair this with one-millisecond response time and AMD FreeSync Premium technology, and you're set for seamless performance. Connect the monitor to a device of your choice using the two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort or move data quickly with the many SuperSpeed USB ports. It also comes with a headphone jack, but do note that there is no built-in speaker. Reviewers love that the screen is height, tilt and swivel adjustable. Several five-star reviews mention working easily with large files and gaming occasionally on it, making the monitor perfect for both.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh157.50 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh108 and two years for Dh179.

4. Best Flat Screen: LG 29-inch 29WQ600 UltraWide Monitor 


  • Flat ultrawide screen
  • 100Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in speakers
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • Connectivity options from HDMI and DisplayPort to USB-C


  • Stand is flimsy, say reviewers, and not height adjustable

Non-curved ultrawides are hard to come by, but this LG 29-inch UltraWide monitor supports a flat screen. If you'd rather work on a traditional display, then this is a good choice in the smaller size ranges. The FHD resolution of 2560 x 1080 is sufficient for a 29-inch screen, and the refresh rate doesn't disappoint at 100Hz. You have additional features like AMD FreeSync technology, a set of built-in speakers, and lots of connectivity options with HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C. First-time shoppers of ultrawide enjoy their new LG monitor thoroughly, whether for photo editing, music work, office tasks or light gaming. Their only qualm is that the monitor might need a riser since it's not height adjustable.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh56.92 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh40 and two years for Dh66.

5. Best for Gaming: BenQ Mobiuz EX3415R 34-inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor


  • Good display resolution of 3440 x 1440
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync Premium technology
  • Custom sound and video settings
  • Special eye-care display
  • Connect via two HDMI and one DisplayPort


  • Brightness levels could be better
  • Speakers are just decent

BenQ's noteworthy monitors should always be on your radar, especially the 34-inch Mobiuz Ultrawide Curved Monitor. Given the price, it's clear that the screen is chockful of premium features, from the 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium technology to the 1900R curvature that hugs your field of vision perfectly. Adjust the stand however you like, and tune the sound and the video from over 20 custom settings to whatever task you have on hand. Plus, BenQ's eye-care technology takes care of flickering, low blue light, brightness and more when you have to spend long hours in front of the monitor. You can connect external devices via the two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort slot. Reviewers who engage in first-person shooter games like Warzone and Fortnite or car racing titles find the screen fast enough. They're also pleasantly surprised about the included remote control that lets them switch between windows and adjust game settings. Check out dedicated gaming monitors here.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh245.02 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh171 and two years for Dh282.

Are ultrawide monitors any good?

ultrawide monitors
Gamers and multitaskers will opt for a curved ultrawide screen given the immersion and large screen real estate. Image Credit: Unsplash/Sam Pak

Imagine a traditional flat screen that’s been pulled at the sides to make more room for tasks and activities. Ultrawide monitors, says Shameer, begin with an aspect ratio of 21:9, compared to our standard displays of 16:9. This means that for every nine vertical pixels, there are 21 horizontal pixels.

“You can open multiple tabs on the screen and connect more devices. It’s a great option for gamers and multitaskers. For instance, an audio/video editor can better see the timeline and previews of their works, instead of using two monitors. Even artists can arrange up to five windows vertically and horizontally to compare their work. Gamers, who usually play flight simulation, will get an immersive experience because of the monitor’s curved screen,” explained Shameer.

He goes on to say that ultrawide monitors are currently the best tech in the market for replacing multiple displays on the desk.

What features should I look out for in ultrawide monitors?

The display size will ultimately depend on your current setup and desk space. Ultrawide monitors are quite bulky so this is a drawback to consider before purchasing, adds Shameer. “A 34-inch monitor is an ideal size – there are bigger options but you have to think about the desk and how you might not be able to fit extra devices like a laptop on the side,” he said.

You’ll also get by just fine with a resolution of 3440 x 1440, which is shy of five million pixels – more than 2K and less than 4K displays. In this sweet spot, ensure a refresh rate of 120Hz at least, if you want buttery smooth frames when working with graphics or gaming.

The wide range of connectivity options, from the latest HDMI to DisplayPort, will depend on how much you’re willing to shell out. Do keep in mind that more audio and video ports will help you establish a connection with more game consoles, CPUs and laptops.

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