A hot brew is an ideal companion on any day, so stock up on your favourite tea flavours. Image Credit: Unsplash/Drew Jemmett

When rain arrives, and you’re watching it fall outside the window, cosy and snug in your home, there’s probably just one thing missing – a cup of tea. Freshly brewed and piping hot, a cup of tea can be had anywhere, can uplift your mood, and give you a much-needed respite, no matter how hectic your day. So, if you love tea, here are some of our favourite options that you can order by using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save auto-scheduled deliveries. Also, become a Prime member to get these delivered to you by the next day.

Brooke Bond Red Label Black Tea Loose, 1.6kg B07NF8261R

For a steaming, classic cuppa, this packet of Brooke Bond loose tea is ideal. You can brew a strong cup of tea in just two minutes – add milk and spices to kick it up a notch and transform it into masala tea. Since it’s loose-leaf, this pack is perfect when you are entertaining guests at home, and want to brew tea in large quantities.

Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea, 200 Tea Bags 

If you prefer tea bags to loose-leaf tea, try Lipton’s rich, invigorating tea, made from fresh-pressed tea leaves. Feel awakened and uplifted with a quick brew. The tea bags are 100% Rainforest Alliance certified.

Pukka Night Time, Organic Herbal Tea with Lavender, 20 Tea Bags 

For that last cup of tea before you go to bed, Pukka’s blend of oatflower, lavender and limeflower will soothe your senses and set the tone for a good night’s sleep. Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, it’s worth setting up an auto-schedule for this bag of tea bags every month.

Pukka Womankind, Organic Herbal Tea with Cranberry, Rose and Exotic Vanilla, 20 Tea Bags 

Good news for women who need a drink to soothe their cramps, and to restore their physical and emotional balance during their menstrual cycle. This nourishing blend is made with cranberries and rose, with sweet vanilla for a little bliss during a difficult time.

Lipton Green Tea Moroccan Mint, 100 Teabags 

Relish the taste of vibrant green tea that’s perfect for every occasion, and even no occasion. With Moroccan mint for an imbued taste of freshness, this box of green tea will set the standard in your home for a daily cuppa.

Traditional Medicinal Echinacea Plus, 16 Teabags 

Native American tribes have been using echinacea, or purple coneflower, for hundreds of years to boost their immune system and for overall wellness. With a mild taste of mint and a twist of citrus, a cup of echinacea is especially soothing with a dash of honey.

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