Nobel Haskell walking on stage to receive his degree
Nobel Haskell walking on stage to receive his degree Image Credit: Twitter

A Colorado-based American teen has beaten the odds to walk at his high school graduation after a car accident that left him paralysed. Nobel Haskell, a cross-country athlete from Colorado's Denver, US, became a victim of a terrible car accident in June 2021.

Following the accident, his neck was broken, and he developed quadriplegia. According to the news sources, the doctors said that he would hardly ever be able to walk.

But Haskell did not give up hope. Despite the physical challenges, Haskell has been able to focus on getting better with the help of his family, doctors and a mix of intensive therapies.

On May 31, Good News Correspondent, which shares positive news globally, posted an inspirational video of Haskell's high school graduation ceremony, where he is seen walking on stage to receive his degree. He stepped onto the Smoky Hill High School podium, and his fellow schoolmates and teachers cheered him on and gave him a standing ovation.

The post captioned: "Noble Haskell, a student who is quadriplegic, WALKS to receive his diploma! Noble, a cross-country athlete, broke his neck in a car accident in June 2021. He was determined to run again. He was voted Outstanding Student of the Year!"

In an interview about his recovery, Haskell said: "Keep doing what I need to do and keep fighting day by day, session by session, week by week until I'm eventually back to running again."

Apparently, Haskell's family is organising a ‘5K Walk/Run’ to raise funds for his therapy.

The post gathered around 2.2 million views on Instagram and over 1 million views on Twitter.

Sharing the video, a Twitter user @Mark Baldwin wrote: "If this doesn't make you grateful and inspire you to be the best person you can be, then God's already given up on you. I watched that young man, Noble Haskell, walk his graduation, and …pushed me to tears. My inner voice critically chides me and extols Noble saying, ‘Look Mark! That's what courage looks like.’"

Another user @Richard Ingham Evans commented: Congratulations! However, being a person with quadriplegia does not stop Noble Haskell from walking to receive his diploma. His parents named him right."