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Batteries and energy storage technologies need to be properly managed just like any energy system. With the development of technology, these can be used much more efficiently. L7 Drive is a Finnish clean technology company that has created innovative power electronics technologies as a solution.

They have pioneered an intelligent power backup solution for telecom networks for intelligent light poles with 5Gmm radios.

“This is an entirely different kind of solution that gives a longer battery life, lower costs, greater reliability and possibility to offer a 2nd life for batteries,” says Pentti Bruun, CEO of L7 Drive. “As a secondary usage they can be turned as a part of Virtual Power Plant and to generate revenue.”

A modern smart city needs reliable connectivity to create new services, and for that they need power backup. We are moving from lead-acid battery backup to more efficient battery chemistry. The L7 uses lithium-ion batteries with long life, small size and light weight, offering smart and new use cases.

“It’s also crucial to solve battery-related temperature problems, we have this fully integrated and our solutions are available in both hot and cold climates, which is important for all lithium batteries,” Bruun says.

L7 Drive’s solution consists of a backup battery, communication hardware and cloud solution. The system has already been successfully tested, such as in the Nokia-led LuxTurrim 5G project in Finland.

“I’m very excited to be a partner with Finland at the Dubai Expo,” says Bruun. “I hope anyone who needs advanced energy management solutions gets in touch with us to learn more.”