The suspect tries to grab the child in a store. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: A shocking incident in Egypt has gone viral on social media, capturing the moment a woman attempted to kidnap a child inside a store, only to be thwarted by the child’s attentive mother at the last moment.

The footage shows two women with a small child discussing their purchases, seemingly unaware of the child playing nearby.

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Suddenly, another woman appears, grabs the child, and tries to leave the store.

The child’s mother, noticing her son missing, quickly turns around and sees him in the hands of the woman attempting to leave.

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She intervenes, reclaiming her child.

The would-be kidnapper then claims she mistook the child for her own son, who was playing outside the store and was of a similar age.

Following the incident, security services in Egypt launched an investigation.

The suspect, when questioned, insisted she had taken the child by mistake, confusing him with one of her own sons, aged three and five, who were with her in the store.

Local reports indicate that the mother reported the incident to the police, detailing how another woman tried to abduct her one-and-a-half-year-old son.

The incident has sparked significant controversy in Egypt, with many calling for severe punishment for the suspect if found guilty.

Security officers identified and apprehended the suspect, who was wearing black abaya at the time of the incident.