Squid Game
A still from the Netflix show 'Squid Game'. Image Credit: Netflix

Abu Dhabi: Egypt’s primary schools have urged parents not to let their children watch Netflix’s Squid Game, a South Korean show that sees hundreds of debt-ridden students compete for a cash prize in a series of survival tasks masked as playground games, amid concerns that children are copying its dangerous scenes, local media reported.

Egyptian actress Ayten Amer said she had received an email from her daughter’s school warning her and the parents about the Korean series, said to be one of Netflix’s biggest show ever.

“The school said that watching it is dangerous for students,” Amer,35, said.

Amer added the school administration requested the help of parents in keeping the students away from watching the series, especially since its idea and games began to spread among the students.

“It seems that the series is really violent, and the world is upside down because of it,” she said.

Amer explained children who are watching this are being exposed to graphic scenes of violence and sadly children are acting out this behaviours.

The controversial show is rated a 15 and so it is not appropriate for primary school aged children.

A number of Amer’s followers interacted with her, and many shared her post on social media, confirming concerns that children are replicating some of the challenges.

They urged parents to be aware of the dangers of this TV programme for their children and reinforce positive behaviours among them.