210718 Sewage pit
Amr El Sawi, the 36-year-old shop owner who died after falling into a sewage pit. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Egyptian man died of suffocation after falling into an open sewer pit while trying to save three other men who also fell in, local media reported.

The tragic incident occurred in the village of Farsis in the Zefta Centre in Gharbia governorate in the Nile Delta.

On the day of the incident, a man fell into the open sewage hole and two other men rushed to save him. The 36-year-old victim, Amr El Sawi, was the owner of a shop near the sewage hole. He rushed to help the three men but the pit was very deep.

The three others were taken to Zefta hospital for treatment.

Eyewitnesses said the sewerage project has been under construction for more than four years and a sewer pit was still open, blaming government negligence for the incident.