Five luxury vehicles purportedly belonging to the beggar and his brother were seized.

Dubai: Palestinian police have arrested a beggar found in possession of a 2020 model vehicle and a substantial sum of money, totalling 15,000 shekels (about $3,995), in the town of Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah in the West Bank.

Photos circulated on social media show the findings from the raid on the individual’s home, revealing a cache of luxury cars owned by the beggar and his brother.

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In an official statement, the Palestinian police disclosed the details of the arrest, stating that officers became suspicious of a person from outside the province sitting in a vehicle under dubious circumstances during patrols in Bir Zeit. Upon verifying the individual’s identity, officers discovered a significant amount of money in plastic bags beside the driver.

The detained individual reportedly engaged in begging at intersections and roads, allegedly employing a group of individuals to beg in various public places and crossroads in other governorates before returning to Ramallah.

Following the issuance of a search warrant by the Public Prosecution, a subsequent search of the suspect’s residence revealed five luxury vehicles purportedly belonging to him and his brother, who was later apprehended.

Additionally, authorities seized a bag containing 8,000 shekels in coins, 22,000 shekels in banknotes collected from their daily begging activities.