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Countries in the Gulf region have the ambition to become more self-sufficient and produce more sustainable fresh food, locally. The region grapples with a myriad of challenges in its food ecosystem. The prevailing arid climate and water scarcity pose significant hurdles for agricultural production, leading to a dependence on food imports. Therefore, ensuring food security in the face of a rapidly growing population remains an ongoing effort. Moreover, the Covid pandemic and political instability in some regions around the world have underlined what the governments in the Gulf region countries already knew: food security is a problem of the greatest urgency.

The Netherlands can support in reaching this ambition through long-term partnerships and by sharing our extensive knowledge and innovative technologies. The Dutch horticulture sector provides for millions of people worldwide, using state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable systems. With our combined knowledge, technology and experience, we can accelerate achieving food security and food safety in the Gulf region.

HortiRoad2theGulf is a public-private partnership from the Netherlands, established to help the Gulf region in reaching food self-sufficiency. Leading horticulture companies, educational institutes and the Dutch government including the embassies in the region work together within this consortium. The partnership is led by Dutch Greenhouse Delta, and represents the entire value chain of horticulture. Our solutions are able to improve the value chain, update current greenhouse facilities and, to create new, more efficient systems, including advanced Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Our cluster of leading horticulture organisations from the Netherlands, is ready to work with local governments, investors, growers, and retailers to upscale horticultural business in a sustainable way. By working together, we can develop new strategies and business models, which significantly improve sustainable food production and reduce the loss of food.

Our path from EXPO2020 to COP28 represents our collective commitment to tackling global challenges, while also showcasing the Netherlands’ expertise in these fields. Through the power of innovation, technology, and joint efforts, our goal is to develop sustainable solutions. The advancements in the horticultural sector in the Gulf region open up numerous possibilities for deeper collaboration between the Netherlands and the Gulf region. Together we can unlock the Gulf’s full horticulture potential!

More information can be found at https://hortiroad2thegulf.com/