Manama: Saudi media users were divided over the merit of posting a video clip secretly filmed by a wife of her husband flirting with their domestic help in the kitchen.

The clip that went viral on the internet before it was pulled out triggered a heated debate over the wife’s action.

Those who condemned her said that she should have handled the matter privately and that there was no need to go public with a strictly family issue.

Al Mezzen, a blogger, said that the wife’s approach was wrong. “She did not know how to handle the situation,” he said. “What she did in fact was to expose her private life and problems for everyone to see. The situation is compounded if they have children because there will be dire consequences. She has to live with the consequences of what she did,” he said.

However, those who supported her said that she was right to exact revenge on her cheating husband and that shaming him was the best way to deter similar cases.

“I salute you warmly for your valiant courage,” Al Yamama, another blogger, posted. “You did the best thing because there was an urgent need for revenge and your revenge is the best,” she said.

Saudi Arabia is home to hundreds of thousands of domestic helpers, mainly from Asia and East Africa, and the country has often debated the social and the economic aspects of the issue.

According to a study, 54.3 per cent of domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia wish to marry the husband, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported.