The truck that was stuck in the sand in Riyadh. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: An Egyptian truck driver stranded in Riyadh desert found an unexpected lifeline through social media.

Ahmed Awad Al Hammadi faced a daunting predicament when his truck got stuck in the sands while navigating an external road in the Saudi capital.

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Al Hammadi turned to TikTok for assistance, sharing his situation and calling for help in the local dialect.

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To his astonishment, the response was swift and overwhelming. A convoy of more than two dozen vehicles, including cars driven by members of a volunteer rescue team, made their way to Al Hammadi’s location.

The collective effort was captured in a follow-up video posted by Al Hammadi, showcasing a line of cars ready to tow his truck back onto solid ground.

This act of communal support swiftly gained traction online, with Saudi and Egyptian bloggers alike sharing the footage and lauding the volunteers’ quick response and generosity.

Expressing his gratitude, Al Hammadi thanked everyone who heeded his call for assistance, which specifically mentioned the need for a few vehicles to help tow his heavy truck.

However, the outpouring of support far exceeded his expectations, with approximately 25 cars arriving to aid him.