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Abu Dhabi: The story of a Saudi wife who congratulated her husband on his second marriage by posting avideo on Twitter went viral on social media earlier this week.

“(Here’s) my modest gift to my husband on the occasion of his second marriage and I wanted to share it with you to spread peace and friendship among Saudi families, and I felt that our society needs positive models in marital life,” Umm Omar said..

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She confirmed her blessing and acceptance of this marriage, saying she had been planning and preparing herself to accept the decision for four years.

“My husband lives in another city, where is his workplace, and I live in Medina .. I cannot go to his city, and we have been so for more than six years .. so finally I made my mind to encourage him to marry another woman,” Umm Omar said.

She said she made sure her children shared the joy of their father’s marriage. “In the future, they will be part of their father’s second family, sharing their lives with them, and they will be a consolation for them, as well as protecting them from feelings of hatred and problems we do not need,” she said.

Regarding her gift to her husband, Umm Omar said: “My gift to my husband is first my blessing of his second marriage, in addition to that I presented him with a fine package of honey, so that our future family and married life would be honey on honey.”

Traditions vary in different countries, but an Arab bride and groom celebrate their wedding separately.

The “male wedding” can be celebrated on a different day to the wedding of the bride. As a rule, it is very simple: tea, coffee, dinner, and communication lasting not more than four hours. The weddings of brides are celebrated much more widely in a big town hall with waiters and artists.

The “female wedding” is an occasion to show off with diamonds, designer shoes, and evening outfits because usually all this beauty is hidden behind hijabs (or abayas) and veils. That is the reason why only women can attend such a wedding. Men are strictly forbidden. The staff are only women, including singers, photographers, and DJs. If a famous singer is invited to the celebration, he will see neither the bride nor the guests because he will be performing behind a screen or in the next room and broadcasting the songs to the main hall.

The visit of the husband is announced in advance so that all the women can cover themselves with abayas. If the husband arrives with his brothers or father, then the bride is also covered with a white abaya because even the relatives of her husband cannot see her beauty.