The injured Saudi man in a Tabuk hospital. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: A 40-year-old Saudi citizen, Abdullah Al Azibi, narrowly escaped death after a terrifying encounter with a pack of ferocious stray dogs in Saudi Arabia.

The harrowing incident left Al Azibi with severe injuries, prompting an urgent medical response. Following the ferocious attack, Al Azibi who lost consciousness was swiftly transported to King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk.

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Ahmed Al Azibi, Abdullah’s brother, recounted the event, stating that his brother was taking an evening stroll in Al Nadhim neighbourhood of Tabuk, near the central park, when he was ambushed by a pack of aggressive dogs.

Abdullah attempted to flee, but he collapsed and was bitten badly. Fortunately, a Saudi woman passing by witnessed the ordeal and sought help from nearby youth.

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The group rushed to his aid, driving away the dogs and calling for an ambulance to transport Abdullah to the hospital.

Following initial treatment, he was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Despite sustaining approximately fifty deep wounds across his body, Abdullah’s condition has since stabilised, bringing relief to his family and friends.