Image Credit: Gulf News

Riyadh: The Saudi-Yemen border conflict is a closed chapter with agreements reached by both sides, a Saudi minister said yesterday.

Deputy Minister of Def-ence and Aviation for Military Affairs Prince Khalid Bin Sultan announced that all the strategic mountains on the border area were fluttering with Saudi flags and were in the firm grip of Saudi military personnel.

He reiterated that the Saudi armed forces were successful in deterring an armed infiltration of Al Houthi rebels across its southern border.

"As far as the gang of infiltrators is concerned, there are only some snipers remaining and they will be wiped out," he said.

He also reiterated that all border regions have been completely cleared of Al Houthi rebels.

He expressed surprise at the attempts by some foreign agents to create an impression that the issue was pertaining to some sort of sectarian strife. "No religion or law allows aggression against a neighbour. There is no respect for a neighbour who doesn't respect neighbourhood," he said.

No rights

"If a neighbour commits aggression, then there is no point in safeguarding the rights of such a neighbour," the minister, who is the son of Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, said. The minister spoke while opening the Sixth Conference on Armed Forces Medical Services in Riyadh.

On Monday, Abdul Malek Al Houthi announced the withdrawal of infiltrators from positions they had been occupying in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi military sources told Gulf News that the statement was part of the propaganda war in defence of his outfit, which was routed and driven out of Saudi territory.