Saudi girls try to skin sheep. Image Credit: Al Riyad

Manama: For most people, it is a man’s job. Especially in conservative countries.

But for one young Saudi, it can also be a woman’s passion, regardless of the setting.

The 21-year-old woman, said she slaughtered the family’s sheep for the first time at last year’s Eid.

“It was a challenge that I wanted to win,” the young woman who was not named told local Arabic daily Al Riyadh.

“They have always claimed that young women were the fair sex and could not bear the sight of blood. I wanted to prove they were wrong and decided to slaughter and pull off the skin of two sheep. Of course I was given some instructions to help me,” she said.

She recalled that her enthusiasm took over her initial fear.

“I wanted to succeed and I did it in a clean way,” she said. “I was highly motivated and greatly encouraged.”

The Saudi daily said that several women were engaged in slaughtering the sheep and that their skills were highly commendable.

Muslim families slaughter sheep on Eid Al Adha to commemorate Prophet Ebrahim’s devotion to God and his readiness for sacrifice.