India death
Photo for illstrative purpose Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Cairo: A Saudi man in his 60s died after he had fallen into an underground water reservoir, according to a Saudi newspaper.

The incident happened on Friday in the Mahd Ad Dhahab governorate part of the Medina region, news portal Sabq reported.

The man’s family had reported to authorities about his disappearance. Ensuing search revealed that he had fallen into the reservoir and drowned. His body was later retrieved.

Last month, volunteers rescued an 11-year-old boy who had been trapped inside a dry underground reservoir in the Afif governorate in central Saudi Arabia after he went missing for two days.

The boy was found stuck inside an under-construction reservoir.

The volunteer, who rescued the child, said he had been alerted to his location by cries coming from inside the reservoir while the rescuer was passing by a building being constructed.

The man said he had dropped a rope to the child who held onto it and hauled him up.

Saudi authorities intensified a campaign to backfill abandoned wells following the death in Morocco of five-year-old boy who was trapped in a 32-metre well for five days in February, a tragedy that grabbed global attention.