Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A call for boycott has emerged in Saudi Arabia over lingerie shops that employ male staff.

Since 2007, the Labour Ministry has required women staff in these shops, but the law has not been enforced. Read related story

Reem Assad, an economics professor and organiser of the boycott call, told the BBC that having men staff in lingerie shops is a contradiction in Islamic Saudi Arabia.

Assad urged women to begin a two-week boycott of lingerie shops with male staff.

The call for the boycott was organised through her Facebook page since public protests are illegal in the country. Islamic scholars have given their support to the campaign.

"I am calling for salesmen to be replaced with saleswomen," Asaad told the media. "I just hope that many respond and boycott," she said.

Since 2008, Asaad has been urging officials to allow saleswomen in shops open to both male and female clients.