Illustrative image. Image Credit: Unsplash/Drew Jemmett

Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has said that tea sachets in the kingdom are safe for consumption and do not cause health problems when boiled.

The SFDA comment came after some reports were circulated claiming that the sachets clipped with metal staples cause health problems when exposed to high temperatures during boiling.

The SFDA said the sachets conform to standard specifications guaranteeing their safety for consumption. The use of metal staples is allowed in line with a Gulf technical code, it added.

“All input materials used in manufacture of tea sachets conform to related specifications in a way that ensures the sachet components do not transfer, under ordinary circumstances of those expected at 100 degrees Celsius, to the nutrient ingredient,” it said.

Saudi Arabia ranks among top tea consumers in the Arab region with around annual 1.2kg per person in 2020.