Mecca buses
Mecca buses are modern and environmentally friendly. Image Credit: X@akkahBuses/file

Dubai: Starting November 1, passengers of the Mecca Bus Project will be charged a fare of SR4 per ticket, the Royal Commission for Mecca City and Holy Sites’ (RCMC) General Transport Centre has announced.

While the official launch of the project took place on Sunday, marking the conclusion of its trial phase, the integrated paid services will be fully rolled out from next month.

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This fare covers all the integrated services the project offers to its users. Furthermore, the Mecca Bus Project plans to introduce special packages and pricing structures tailored to suit the diverse needs of all beneficiaries.

Under the banner “Together on the Path”, the project’s integrated paid services were introduced post the trial period, which has been operational since February 15, 2022. This trial phase, which concludes on October 31, 2023, has served over 100 million individuals free of charge.

The centre said that the aim behind the launch of these integrated services is to enhance the quality of services while aligning with sustainable development goals. The project strives to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its beneficiaries.

Passengers can purchase tickets through various channels, including the official website, the dedicated mobile application, and vending machines located throughout Mecca.

Highlighting the project’s achievements during its trial run, the Mecca Bus Project efficiently catered to Mecca’s residents and visitors. The service covers 12 routes, spanning more than 560km, facilitated by 400 buses, over 800 drivers, and 438 stations scattered across the city.