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Dubai: The Consumer Protection Association in Saudi Arabia has declared that not renaming Arabic coffee to “Saudi coffee” constitutes a violation.

The move, which aims to preserve cultural heritage, follows a directive from the Ministry of Commerce, which has instructed all restaurants, cafes, and coffee roasters across the Kingdom to adopt the new nomenclature for this popular beverage.

Violations of this directive could lead to fines, although the exact amount of these fines has not been specified.

The change is part of Saudi efforts to honour its deep-rooted connection to this traditional drink.

The Ministry urged establishments to update their menus and product descriptions to reflect the name “Saudi coffee” instead of the widely used “Arabic coffee.”

Additionally, the Federation of Saudi Chambers has circulated a memo to all relevant entities under its purview, mandating the use of “Saudi Coffee” in product lists and advising against the use of “Arabic Coffee” as a trade name or trademark.